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What is this proposal about

The project will focus on educate users on properly use FLOSS tools in order to generate good contributions to The way the project works, this making it " Way". However this is really the process of any FLOSS project.


Users that don't generate code usually are left in the dark to figure out how to contribute. Usually they default to marketing activities. However there are different ways to contribute including improving the documentation, quality assurance and bug reportings that don't directly touch the surface of coding however it still improves the software a great deal.

Spreading good quality information over these functions is crucial to have a more sophisticated community that can continue support for the project.

The goal of this project is not to eliminate marketing activities on the project but to get the prospect to have a better round up scenario to invest his time in the project itself.

Initial goals

The global idea is to add clarity of the open source process of developing software. Including the use of standarized tools, from IRC and Mailing lists for communication to SCM and Issue Tracking for commiting and maintaining code and documentation.

Initial goals is to lower the learning process for users, including relying on screencasts, easy to read documentation that users can understand the process to become an active contributor in the community. As well as actively contribute.

Example: Create a screencast on how to register for a mailing list. Explain the nettiquete and teh ways that some discussions are commonly handled on the mailing list.

Way to contribute

Please contribute with ideas on how to improve and lower this learning curve and have more users being attract to perform more technical tasks. Highlight the importance for the OOo environment and how the only requisite is time and availability.

Feel free to contribute your ideas on the mailing and the wiki.


You are an OOo champion and know your way around the project, you could be a mentor and help others to achieve their goals. Feel free to look at the Student Profiles and see what kind of things are we aiming at achiving with the students.


If you have any administrative position at your University or college or have academic links with such, feel free to get in touch with us and help us make this agreements so that we have better chances on landing students here.

Student Profiles

  • Developers
    • Infrastructure
    • Core
    • Extensions
  • Quality Assurance
    • Bug squasher
    • Testing
  • Localization
    • Documentator
    • Screencaster
    • UI
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