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This is the glossary of the Drawing framework of the Impress and Draw applications.

Application Layer

Part of the drawing framework design that contains modules that implement application logic. A typical modul in this layer requests the activation or deactivation of a resource as reaction to user input or the activation or deactivation of another resource. An example is the SlideSorterModule that shows or hides the slide sorter bar depending on the view that is displayed in the center pane.

Command Group

A module that implements the com::sun::star::frame::XDispatch interface and that provides one or more commands.


Set of active resources. A configuration may look like


which is the pretty version of

private:resource/floater/CenterPane        private:resource/toolbar/ViewTabBar
private:resource/floater/CenterPane        private:resource/view/ImpressView
private:resource/floater/LeftImpressPane   private:resource/view/SlideSorter
private:resource/floater/RightPane         private:resource/view/TaskPane

where the target URLs are in the left column and the resource URLs are in the right column. The target URLs for the panes are of course not present.

Current Configuration

Configuration that contains the currently active resources. This may or may not be identical to the requested configuration.

Requested Configuration

Configuration that contains the resources whose activation has been requested. This may or may not be identical to the current configuration.


Resources known to the drawing framework are

This set can be extended by providing resource controllers and factories for other resources. Resource are described by ResourceIds.


A schema of two URLs to describe a resource managed by the drawing framework.

The resource URL describes the type of the URL. The optional second URL specifies the anchor to which the resource is bound. Two examples are

private:resource/floater/LeftImpressPane, private:/view/SlideSorter


private:resource/floater/CenterPane, private:/view/SlideSorter

that describe the slide sorter bar in the left pane and the slide sorter view in the center pane.

Resource Layer

Part of the drawing framework design that contains the resource controllers and factories that know how to activate or deactivate individual resources. Objects in this layer are typically called by the XConfigurationController in the synchronization layer as a result to requests from modules in the application layer.

Synchronization Layer

Part of the drawing framework design that synchronizes requests made by modules in the application layer and resource controllers and factories in the resource layer. This layer basically consists of the XResourceControllers and supporting classes.

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