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The menu Tools → Options offers several configuration options that affect the general behaviour of the program. Here those options will be considered.

The path for getting to the Options menu will vary depending on the Operating System that is being used. The following chart will show the commands for the Operating Systems supported by the Apache OpenOffice Project.

Operating System Path to Options Menu
Microsoft Windows Tools → Options
Linux Tools → Options
Mac OSX → Preferences

Section OpenOffice

The general options for Apache OpenOffice. Here it is possible to define the user data, the memory used by the program, its paths, define new colours, security level, appearance, and so forth.

Main article

Section Load/Save

The different options available for loading and saving documents. Security copies, how to handle imported files, and so on..

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Section Language Settings

Language for the user interface and the document, writing aids options, configuration for complex layout languages, and so forth.

Main article

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