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The tools for drawing curves or polygons are on the toolbar that appears when you click the DrawCurvesIcon.png icon on the Drawing toolbar. This toolbar contains eight tools (Figure 10).

Note: Up to version 2.3 of OOo, hovering the mouse over this icon gives a tool tip of Curve. If you convert the icon to a floating toolbar, however, the title is Lines, as shown in Figure 10. This is rather confusing but is expected to be corrected in a future version.

Floating Curves toolbarg
Figure 10: Floating Curves toolbar (incorrectly titled “Lines”).

If you move the mouse cursor over one of the icons, a tooltip pops up with a description of the function. For a more detailed description of the handling of Bézier curves (curves and filled curves), see Chapter 10 (Advanced Drawing Techniques).

  • Polygons: Draw the first line from the start point with the left mouse button held down. As soon as you release the mouse button, a first corner point is drawn and you can move the mouse to see how the second line will look. Every mouse click sets another corner point. A double-click ends the drawing. A filled polygon automatically joins the last point to the first point to close off the figure and fill it with the current standard fill color. A polygon without filling will not be closed at the end of the drawing.
  • Polygon 450: Just as with ordinary polygons, these will be formed from lines but with angles of 45 or 90 degrees between them.
  • Freeform line: With this tool you can draw just like with a pencil. Press and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse. It is not necessary to end the drawing with a double-click. Just release the mouse button and the drawing is completed. If you have selected the Freeform line – filled, the end point is joined automatically to the start point and the object is filled with the appropriate color.
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