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Custom shapes in Draw 2

Draw 2 offers the ability to create custom shapes. These correspond to “Autoshapes” in Microsoft Office. The shape elements used in version 1 of OOo are still available, but you are encouraged to use custom shapes instead, because current and future development is focused on these rather than shape elements.

The two types of shape differ in their properties and are dealt with separately in the relevant chapter of this Guide. The main differences relate to the behavior of 3D objects and text handling. Beginners can safely ignore both for the present.

Text frames in Draw 2 have their own geometric format.

Basic shapes

Basic shapes include:

  • Lines
  • Arrows
  • Rectangles and squares
  • Ellipses and circles
  • Curves and polygons
  • Connectors
  • Lines and arrows

Note: If you draw a basic shape or select one for editing, the Info field in the status bar changes to reflect the action taken: Line created, Text frame xxyy selected, and so on.

Figure 2 shows part of the Drawing toolbar with the icons needed in the following sections. The Text icon is also included.

Figure 2: Part of the Drawing toolbar.

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