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Returns the current (to date) result of evaluating the formula.



This function returns the result to date of evaluating the formula of which it is a part (in other words the result as far as that evaluation has got). Its main use is together with the STYLE function to apply selected styles to a cell depending on the cell contents.


1 + 2 + CURRENT()

returns 6. The formula is calculated from left to right as: 1 + 2 equals 3, giving the result to date when CURRENT() is encountered; CURRENT() therefore yields 3, which is added to the original 3 to give 6.

A2 + B2 + STYLE(IF(CURRENT()>10; ”Red”; ”Default”))

returns A2 + B2   (STYLE returns 0 here). If this sum is greater than 10, the style Red is applied to the cell. See the STYLE function for more explanation.

"choo" & CURRENT()

returns choochoo.

Further information:

This function is best used only in simple situations. A more complex example: 1 + 2*CURRENT() returns 5, because although the 1 has been encountered as the formula is evaluated, it is ignored because evaluating the multiplication has precedence. The formula's value upto CURRENT() equals 2. Thus, 2*CURRENT() yields 4, with the result: 1 + 4 equals 5. However, the exact order of calculation in more complex cases should not be relied on.

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