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Returns the column number(s), given a reference.



returns the column number of reference, where reference is a reference to a cell.
If reference is omitted, the column number of the current cell (containing the formula) is returned.
If reference is a range of cells and the formula is entered as an array formula (by pressing  Ctrl  +  ⇧ Shift  +  ↵ Enter  rather than  ↵ Enter ) a single row array of column numbers is returned.



returns 2. Cell B3 is in the second column (column B).


if entered in cell C7, returns 3. Cell C7 is in the third column.

COLUMN(D2:F3) (entered with the Enter key)

returns 4. This is not an array formula, so the column number of the first cell D2 is returned.

COLUMN(D2:F3) (entered with Ctrl-Shift-Enter)

returns the single row array {4; 5; 6}, as this is an array formula. If this formula is entered in cell A1, A1 will display 4, B1 5 and C1 6.

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