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Jump to: navigation, search does not find Java 6 update 22 on MacOS X

As reported in Issue 115180, latest Java 6u22 delivered via MacOS software update end of October 2010, breaks 3.2.1 and earlier Java configuration. 3.2.1 and earlier are unable to find the new Java.

For all who are interested, there is now a preview release bug fixed version of the involved libraries "libjvmfwk.dylib.3" and "sunjavaplugin.dylib" temporarily available for download at the following location: <tbd>

These libraries are based on the CWS jl162. (Thanks to Jochen from Oracle for providing these!) This not the official set of hotpatch libraries yet. Please use them at your own risk. Official libs will be provided when the CWS has been approved by QA and the libraries become available on the next official milestone build.

To apply these two libs to your Office installation on your Mac, please proceed to the following steps:

  1. Download the patched libs from the url named above.
  2. Close your running office application
  3. Open a terminal (use spotlight and enter "terminal" if you don't know where to find it)
  4. In the terminal go to the location of your office installation and it's corresponding library folder, e.g. "cd /Applications/
  5. move the original libs to backup copy by entering "mv libjvmfwk.dylib.3 _backup_libjvmfwk.dylib.3" and "mv sunjavaplugin.dylib _backup_sunjavaplugin.dylib" for example.
  6. copy the patched libs into the folder, e.g. "cp /Users/<your username>/Downloads/libjvmfwk.dylib.3 ." and "cp /Users/<your username>/Downloads/sunjavaplugin.dylib ."

Thats it. Next time you launch your office and make use of Java features, the correct Java settings should be configured automatically.

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