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The framework API does not define an all-in-one framework with strongly coupled interfaces, but defines specialized frameworks that are grouped together by implementing the relevant interfaces at Apache OpenOffice components. Each framework concentrates on a particular aspect, so that each component decides the frameworks it wants to participate in.

Currently, there are two of these frameworks: the component framework that implements the frame-controller-model paradigm and the dispatch framework that handles command requests from and to the application environment. The controller and frame implementations form the bridge between the two frameworks, because controllers and frames implement interfaces from the component framework and dispatch framework.

The framework API is an abstract specification. Its current implementation uses the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) specified in, which is an abstract specification as well. The current implementation of the AWT is the Visual Component Library (VCL), a cross-platform toolkit for windows and controls written in C++ created before the specification of and adapted to support

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