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The update procedure needs to be started by the user in the Extension Manager. One can update all installed extensions by pressing the Updates button or select particular extensions, press the right mouse button and select Update in the context menu. The extension manager will then try to obtain update information for the affected extension. If it finds that a new version of an extension is available then it will be displayed in the update window.

In some cases an update cannot be installed, for example because the installed extension is shared by all users and the current user does not have permission to manage shared extensions. In this case a message to this regard is displayed in the window. To update shared extensions one needs to close Apache OpenOffice and run unopkg gui. Then the user has access to all extensions.

An extension may also not be installable, because it has unfulfilled dependencies. For example, the extensions requires a particular version of Apache OpenOffice.

The user can determine which of the updates he wants to install by checking them. When the  Download and Installation  button is pressed then, as the name suggests, the extensions are being downloaded and installed.

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