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On this side you find links to documents of Base ordered by languages and topics. This side may be helpful for authors and translators.

This page can only be a "Work in Progress". Please complete it with documents you are missing in this list.

Resources related to Base:



Description of Base (short overview)

  • User Guides (Getting started with Base

  • Working basis to make the user guide better

  • Sun Report Builder

  • Sun Report Builder (Reference)

  • Common tasks

Initial author: Andrew 'Drew' Jensen

Many good questions, no answers.

  • Beginners - Example Database - Base Tutorial

Initial author: Andrew 'Drew' Jensen

This tutorial covers creating a first database using OOoBase. It is intended for those that have not used Base before or those that have never used any database manager.


  • Base New Driver Tutorial

Initial author: Robert Vojta

This small How-To contains a simple step-by-step introduction on how to put your driver inside the connectivity module. The second part of this document covers differences between a driver in connectivity module and a driver in an UNO package.

  • Better Database Drivers

Initial author:Eric Bischoff

Some ideas for a better and simpler infrastructure for database drivers

  • Connecting to Microsoft Access

Initial author: Regina Henschel

These article describes how to connect to a Microsoft Access database file, if you use a MS Windows operating system.

  • Base - Database Drivers

An overview page

  • Native PostgreSQL Driver

  • SQL-lite Driver

  • mdb-sdbc-driver-0.1.0

Initial author: Wind Li (

It is a try to connect a Linux system to MS Access. There is no further development.

  • A working page

  • MSA-Base Faq



  • Base Example (Overview)

Initial author: Frank Schönheit

  • Standard Distributed Schema

Concrete Examples

  • A club membership database

Initial author: Andrew 'Drew' Jensen

Description of creating an example database



Connecting To A Remote MySQL Database] (event. 1.x)



OOo Database Development
OOo Database QA
OOo General Database Info

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Please do not change the logical content of this site without acknowledge of the author or the OOo QA Project Lead/Co-Leads.

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