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CMS Evaluation for Multilingual Documentation Maintenance

This page is intended to collect and discuss requirements, processes, and tools to implement a content management framework that allows maintenance of multilingual documentation. The goal is to find a way to intelligently create, update, localize, and publish documentation in multiple languages. We are in agreement, that the current Mediawiki-based solution, while having unbeatably low barrier to contribution, lacks basic content management functions required to maintain documentation in multiple languages, and publish documentation that went through review and quality assurance cycles.


Enter requirements that a content management framework should meet. Think problem, not solution.

Requirement Priority Notes
Usability: ease of use and unambiguousness for end users
  • search confined to one language (eventually with optional search in several different languages)
  • clearcut content (e.g. "user help & program documentation"), not intermingled with project related stuff (like in the services-wiki)
Highest ;-) if the intended group for the tool is the end user (if not, cancel this req!)
Enter Requirement here High/Med/Low Notes

Tools to Evaluate

Tool Description/URL Pros Cons
Plone CMS built on top of Zope, e.g.
Mediawiki with Extensions
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