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Getting started with OOo development

Get Started from Scratch
You will find how to:

  • get the source
  • and build

step by step in the Building Guide.

Building and hacking on (OOo) entails climbing a fairly lengthy and steep incline. Hopefully, this wiki will make the learning curve less steep and less abrupt, and will give you a walking stick to help you out.

Much of our documentation assumes that you'll be using a reasonably current Linux system, as this the most easy environment to start. On Linux all prerequisites are available as Free software. There is also some information on developing on Windows.

It should also be noted that you can build either the vanilla OOo or use an ooo-build release which adds some patches & fixes. The ooo-build process was originally started to work around some problems the vanilla build system had in earlier releases.

In the same way, learning UNO components development is not an easy task. To help you there are plugins for Netbeans and for Eclipse.

Going Further

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