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February 2007 Mac Port announces the 10 items to be fixed before the release of an alpha build News Release. Last recent changes are : Etsushi Kato ( first TSM Text Input Event handling ), Sébastien Plisson ( refresh, salatslayout + fonts + carret + blinking cursor, HIViewSetNeedsDisplayInRect() implementation ), Damien Duportal ( DrawAlpha ), Eric Bachard ( code cleanup in native scrollbar , new native popups, initial Invert() ), Ismael Merzaq ( introduced better Windows types, complete Invert() ), Pavel Janik ( fixed lot of warnings, added isOffscreen() , scrolling Texts, focus Events + fixed a lot of crashes / bugs )

January 2007 Tino Rachui and Pavel Janik implemented macosxmapfiles cws : fixed a lot of crashes and issues. Mox Soini and Shaun McDonald fixed versioning

December 2006 2nd Mac Porters Meeting host by Google in Hamburg.

November 2006 Ismael Merzaq implemented shortcuts respecting Aqua Human Interface Guidelines Some screenshots

October 2006 Pierre de Filippis and Eric Bachard implemented some native controls (work in progress)  : Aqua version (without X11)

September 2006 Demo of native Mac OS X version of 2.0 at OOoCon 2006 (Lyon, France), and Apple Expo (Paris). Native version means running without X11.

August 2006 Mac porting of is present at WWDC06 (San Francisco). Thanks to Archibald Horlitz from GRAVIS AG Germany, and Cusoon. with the infos found at WWDC, discussing with Apple engineers, the Event Loop issue ( using WaitNextEvent() and RunApplicationEventLoop() now works ( Christian Lippka). Native version can now run without X11: lot of screenshots are available. Pavel Janik provided experimental version of Native Filepicker. Oliver Braun provided a fix to start, simply double-clicking the bundle.

June 2006 Pavel Janik fixed a lot of things, and provided the code for native menubar implementation. Christian Lippka fixed important part for 2D drawing (mainly bitmaps).

April 2006 New donation for Tino Rachui and Stephan Schaefer : two Imac Intel 20". These very fast machines will replace old G3, good but slower.

February 2006 First screenshots of svdem. Stephan Schaefer, Florian Heckl and Tino Rachui have made work svdem, a toy dedicated to experimentations in vcl. The objective is to progressively implement everything for Carbon/Cocoa port. Screenshot of svdem with antialiased lines [1]

January 20th, 2006: Starting April 2005, there were several donations made to the MacOSX Porting Team of We would like to extend our thanks to those who made these donations to the MacOSX Porting Team on this web page. Porting to MacOSX X11, MacTel (MacOSX for the Intel processor base) and MacOSX Aqua is easier with these donations.

January 17th, 2006: New timeline

January 14th, 2006: 2.0 now works natively (without use Rosetta) on Mac Intel (Apple machines running Mac OS X with Intel processors ). The port was done by a 4 developers team, including Florian Heckl, Eric Bachard, Daniel Boelzle and Stephan Bergmann. Florian Heckl and Eric Bachard did the necessary changes for the port, using " Mactel " rent by Cusoon and Team e.V. , while Daniel Boelzle and Stephan Bergmann helped to solve the bridge. First announce : ericb's blog

January 5th, 2006: The Mac OS X Tinderbox is up and running. Thank's to Maxime Petazzoni for his great work !

December 25th, 2005: Maho Nakata provided 63 locales for official 2.0.1 !! Following locales : fr, de, en-US, mk, it and ja have been declared stable, after QA smoke tests.

November 17th-18th, 2005: first Mac Team meeting in Hamburg

October 24th, 2005: Florian Heckl completed the first Aqua build on both Mactel and PowerPC. Just an empty window, but without X11.

October 2005: 2.0 for Mac OS X (X11) is here!

October 1, 2005: Updated Mac OS X build instructions to match milestone 130 and recent developments making OOo compile using gcc 4.0 and Mac OS X 10.4.x

August 27, 2005: It's now possible to use gtk and kde themes with on Mac OS X. As experimental work, Eric Bachard provided some screenshoots : Panther theme using gtk plugin . Other screenshots (with other themes) are available here. As you can see here, the new crystal icons set looks interesting too.

July 3, 2005: Updated build instructions for Mac OS X 680_m113 and higher. Please review and report mistakes to

February 10, 2005: At the OOoRegiCon, Simon Phipps called upon the community [] to recognize NeoOffice [] as a part of a wider community of collaborators all working to achieve a common goal. Hopefully his message will be heard, hopefully no one will need to "discover" NeoOffice any longer, and hopefully the drastic need for X11 will no longer be ignored. Without Mac OS X (X11), there no foundation upon which to even dream non-X11 versions on Mac OS X.

January 20, 2005: First screenshots of milestone 1.9.71s1 running on Mac OS X (X11) by the great work of Eric Bachard, Florian Heckl and Eric Hoch + all the contributions from Kevin Hendricks (who started the work ). There is still much work to still be done before getting a fully functional version for X11, so drop on by and lend a hand today!

October 29, 2004: 2.0 Aqua port slows. With lack of a dedicated X11 team, 2.0 doesn't even compile "out of the box" for X11, and Cocoa development has slowed as well. The only current Mac OS X non-X11 development is the NeoOffice/J [] fork of 1.1.2, which is all the time I (Ed) have for myself. We desperately need your help! Go checkout 680 and help Eric Bachard, Eric Hoch, Florian Heckl and all the other Mac OS X diehards port it today! Check out the mailing list archives for the most recent 411.

June 27, 2004: 1.1.2 for Mac OS X (X11) is now available for download.

March 29, 2004: Updated 1.1.1 Build Instructions

March 29, 2004: OOo 1.1.1 - soon for Mac OS X. We're finalizing pieces of the installer right now, and hope to have builds propagated to the mirrors this week. See a screenshot.

August 19, 2003: Screenshot of 1.1 running under X11 on Mac OS X 10.2. Click to enlarge.

August 18, 2003: Development of 1.x on Mac OS X has been limited to X11. All development of Quartz and Aqua versions has been postponed to 2.x with expected delivery in late 2005 to early 2006. See the timeline for details.

June 23, 2003: It's official! After months of testing and bug fixing, is pleased to announce the availability of Mac OS X (X11). This release runs with X11 graphics provided by either Apple X11 or XFree86. Download it now, join the project and mailing list. Hunt for bugs; test features; make suggestions. Help us deliver the best open source office suite for Mac OS X and Darwin!

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