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Book-old.png    This article is outdated. versions 2.4 and later have a MediaWiki export filter built in. Just open a Writer document and click File - Export. Then, change File format to MediaWiki.


I found on the La Mouche wiki an XSLT file and instructions (in french) on how to convert from OpenOffice SXW format to MediaWiki. I changed a bit the XSLT file, but "La Mouche" wiki is not editable any more (closed?). So I would like to post the file here and copy the instructions...

Unfortunately I can't find how to post a file! Can someone help me? (When trying to copy the file on the server it says (in French) that .xslt is not a recommanded image file format...)

The original instructions are in French here, and are translated to English as follows:

This XSLT is modified from OpenOffice2UniWakka to convert some of the OpenOffice styles to MediaWiki.

Currently it supports the following styles:

  • Heading levels 1 to 8
  • Underlined text
  • Italic text
  • Bold text
  • Centered text

There are still style elements that work for UniWakka, which I will (maybe) develop for MediaWiki with my needs.


First, download the XSLT: OOo2MediaWiki.xslt.gz

The XSLT is then installed into OpenOffice as a file export filter. Launch OpenOffice, go into the Tools menu, select XML Filter Settings then click the New button. Fill out the resulting dialog box as follows:

  • Filter name: MediaWiki
  • Application: Writer (.sxw)
  • Name of file type: MediaWiki
  • File extension: txt

Go to the Transformation tab and browse for the downloaded XSLT file to select the XSLT for export


To convert a document, go to Export in the File menu, and set the File format to MediaWiki (.txt), then click Save. The resulting text file can then be pasted into a MediaWiki article.

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  • Odt2Wiki for conversion from 2.0 (odt) to MediaWiki.
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