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Documentation exclamation.png This article is outdated.Please ask on the Mailing list.

Improved Localization Process thanks to the Continuous L10n

The process has been changed into a continuous process which allows to provide l10n turnarounds cycles at every milestone. This process was presented at the OOoConf In Budapest: and is the outcome of Gregor Hartmann, Ivo Hinkelmann and Rafaella Braconi working on the so called "Continuous L10n" project.

The great advantages of this new workflow are that it automatically:

  • creates a cws named l10n<workstamp><milestone> , e.g. l10ndev300m94
  • downloads all translated files from Pootle
  • downloads all sdf files found at from Pavels sdf list (no more sdf file delivery via Issue)
  • gsichecks and merges the translated sdf files
  • builds language packs for all languages that have been changed (even when only 1 string has been changed) + one en-US build.
  • removes languages from the build which cause a build error not covered by the gsicheck, this allowing other languages to be built.
  • uploads the *_err.sdf from gsicheck
  • uploads windows and linux32 languagepacks and the en-US insetsets to

Take advantage of the Continuous L10n process to translate and verify immediately afterwards the translated strings in the product!

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