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Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



Ideas related to the community? Tell us!

Upcoming Meeting

Date: 2010-11-04 (Derived from the Community Council Meeting Calendar)

Time: 19.30 UTC (click on the link to show world clock times)

Location: IRC

Agenda and Work Status

The following table represents the agenda of the upcoming meeting and the current work status of topics / action items. Working with this table is described in the Community Council Meeting Guidelines.

Last Update
List of Action Items of previous meeting for approval
Where do we stand
  • Now that many members of the community council support the Document Foundation: how do find the best way to go on?
  • Discussion: A summary seems hard to provide, so please consider to read the IRC Log.
  • Result: Cor and Martin will have a talk and discuss the topic. Additionally, some community council members request to resolve the issue by next Tuesday (2010-10-19).
Note: Because of running out of time, the meeting has been. So no further Action Items (below) have been discussed.
Refresh Incubator and NLC Project processes
  • The NLC homepage ( has the language in the policy I wrote many years ago, and I'll be using a version of that plus the earlier drafts submitted to resolve this. The hangup has been what to do with mothballed projects, what to do with the data. We will create an effective category, with very limited permissions, called something like, "Inactive Projects" and the data will remain there, unto perpetuity or the closes thing to it. Expect new update by next CC meeting.

Talk to Education Project Leads about structure and remit
  • Louis to take this on and report by next CC meeting of discussions held with the responsible persons.
Community situation
  • What do we see, where are we, what are we going to do about it.
  • Activities:
    • All CC members are asked to think about it and Cor will prepare a proposal for an detailed agenda.
    • Leif already collected some issues (e.g. rare communication via blogs) and will send that to Cor.
  • Next Steps: Proposal that the CC will work on that at the OOoCon in Budapest.
    • Cor send a mail on 2010-08-12 with some items for the agenda.
  • 2010-09-03/09-21: Page with draft plan improvement community collaboration

Missing OOo desktop presence

Christoph, Stefan 2010-09-21
  • Request by a community member to discuss / decide the following question: "Why should give away it's presence on the user's desktop - the main place to be recognized by the people - only to support the "application independency" of ODF? A Sun employee stated "The idea of supporting ODF as a application independent open standard is the priority." This leads / will lead to changes with regard to the document and application icon design. The current ODF "only" icons seem to be undesired by the community. Original request to the CC on ooo-discuss: initial mail (2010-04-14), full mail thread
  • Discussion:
    • 2010-04-29: Some members stated that the request should be "more actionable" and "better framed" to be decided by the community. Proposal has been made to forward the request to council-discuss to propose how to proceed.
    • 2010-05-02: Christoph forwarded the request to the CC mailing list. A first discussion took place.
    • 2010-05-20: Intensive discussion about the request and how to address it. Stefan and Christoph agreed to work out a request to the ODF Icons team to iterate on the design and/or processes. Maybe a "refreshed" team which may provide an agreed-upon proposal. Stefan stated that there shouldn't be any dependency to the next/other releases.
    • 2010-06-08: Some opinions have been requested from people who initially worked in the branding initiative. Either there isn't feedback yet, or the people aren't currently available to support the i-Team. Ongoing ...
    • 2010-06-30: Still ongoing ...
    • 2010-07-22: Andreas provided some insight what currently happens within Oracle. The topic "icons" is currently addressed ...
      • A discussion took place with Michael Bemmer and other people at Oracle.
      • Outcome: Oracle marketing made a decision that is supposed to be communicated shortly. --> Icons will be redesigned, for the long run, with constraints.
      • Motivation: The current design fails with regard to usability aspects. --> Redesign is intended with focus on usability.
      • Constraints: The activity will be run open with all necessary involvements.
      • Question to Andreas/Martin to discuss whether the official statement may be discussed with the community before it is going to be published "officially".
      • Decision to keep this CC Action Item open until there is more visible activity.
    • 2010-08-12: Marketing contact is in vacation, and information also depends on others at Oracle. More information defitively to come at the OOoCon, presentation "Brand Refresh and new Brand Initiative".
    • 2010-09-21: Request for update sent to Oracle, nothing new yet.
  • Next steps: Waiting for the reaction by Oracle, either getting in touch with the community or an official announcement.
  • Cornouws: discussed during OOoCon; looks as if we were able to bring accros the importancy, however, other tasks ask attention first from Oracle people.
Update OOo Internship Project 2010
  • the project ended official on November 14th
  • 5 of 6 project finished successful. One project is put on hold by a request of the student because the lack of time. We offered to finish this project later after the exam when the student has more time again.
  • all projects had a good outcome which will result in a future office release or where we can at least use it as more than a good start point for further work on this topic/feature.
  • overall a good experience and a good project which we should definitely repeat

Minutes of Previous Meetings

To be found here.

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