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Agenda items for the next Meeting

Next meeting: January 21 2010


- List of AIs of previous meeting for approval

  1. Budget Louis: prepare a wiki page with events.
  2. Trademark Policy ST to take back to trademark list
  3. Elections: first cycle is finished. Next steps:
    1. Jürgen: Update council webpage: (done)
    2. Louis: Notification to broader community about results (done)
    3. Louis: Initiate phase 2 of the new election for Martin, Pavel, John.: put on hold until after holidays, viz., post 6 jan
    4. Louis: advertise public part at #ooocouncilpub in the beginning before next council meeting: Louis suggest we do it for next meeting.
  4. Internship
    1. Martin to put together a proposal for hiring a technical writer to document getting started on OOo development.: open
    2. AI: "Winter of Code"; Cor to own and cry for help if required.; list to be used is mentoring @ ooo: open
  5. Distribution infrastructure (Bouncer); John: We are on target to use mirrorbrain for 3.2; Louis proposed AI: that the CC publicly thanks the volunteer mirrors on the release of 3.2 for 9 plus years of heroic work including and esp. osuosl.
  6. l10n infrastructure (Pootle): ST: Pootle version upgrade imminent beginnig 2010; AI: Owner?: find better tool that is a closer fit, if necessary; Cor is going to contact Andre.
  7. Procedures for retirement of a project in Incubator and NLC. Louis: deliver final wording after the discussion that was on the mail list - carry forward; see [1] to be inforporated in and
  8. Proposal for handling incubator and NLC projects. Louis: come with clear proposal, so we can put it on the agenda for a future meeting - carry forward
  9. Budget 2010: AI: all budget holders to submit their requests for a share of this 100k. See proposal from Matthias [2]; Vote on Matthias' Proposal pending
  10. Council coordinator: choosing ST's successor (for the period from February 2010 - May 2010).
  11. Juergen: Prepare Agenda for F2F Meeting in Hamburg, February 4/5;
  12. Ja added: How to handle impolite remarks in IssueTracker issues ? See issue 107456. Corresponding user ignores changes made to the issue he wrote.

Minutes of Previous Meetings

To be found here

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