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Come join the collective! Bots for new platforms or adding bots for for existing platforms will increase the build capabilities available, and are therefore much appreciated.

What you need is a reasonably fast machine, with decent RAM and disk, and of course an Internet connection. It might be easier to first set up the openoffice build environment on this machine.

Buildbot Requirements

The Buildbot requires:

  • Python 2.3 or later:
  • Twisted: - most recent version is recommended. You'll need at least "Twisted" (the core package), and you'll also want TwistedMail, TwistedWeb, and TwistedWords.
    • Note: For Twisted, you first need to install Zope.

Getting the OpenOffice Buildbot

The Buildbot has been customized for builds. Please checkout buildbot-0.7.3 from Gnome CVS.

cvs -z3 -d login
no password
cvs -z3 -d co ooo-build/buildbot

Installing the Buildbot

After all requirements are met, install buildbot by running following commands in buildbot directory.

python build
python install                                                                    

Test installation is proper by running the command

"buildbot --version"

Setting up the Buildbot

Make a buildbot directory on the machine at an appropriate place.

  • The full path name for this directory is hereinafter referred to as slavedir.
mkdir buildbot_ooo

Run the buildbot command to create a build slave:

buildbot slave ''slavedir'' ''SLAVENAME'' ''PASSWORD''


Fill in the hostinfo files

  • slavedir/info/admin should contain your name and email address. This is the buildslave admin address
  • slavedir/info/host should be filled with a brief description of the host. For example: OS, version, memory size, CPU speed, versions of relevant libraries installed, and finally the version of the buildbot code which is running on the machine.

Checkout some OO build specific scripts from

cvs -z3 -d login
no password
cvs -z3 -d co ooo-build/scratch/buildbot/slave

You will see the following files:

  • - perl script for checking out OO source code from CVS
  • buildoo - script to start OO build process. Note: You need to properly edit this file to meet your plateform requirement.
  • smoketestoo - script to start OO smoke test after successful compliation. Note: You need to properly edit this file to meet your plateform requirement.

Please copy these files to slavedir

Email botmaster admin

Once all the above steps are done, please email botmaster administrators:

  • mikeleib at

With the following information.

  • SLAVENAME & PASSWORD : This is the same that you used while creating buildslave.
  • slavedir (full path) e.g. /home/bbot/buildslave_ooo
  • The configure command you are using for configuring OO on this build platform. e.g. ./configure --with-system-freetype

The botmaster administrator will then add your buildbot to the buildfarm. Your buildbot will then start carrying out builds in response to botmaster commands and will be listed on the status page at

Start the buildslave

Once buildmaster administrator configures your new buildslave, he will contact you about status. Once everything is OK then you can start your buildslave by running following command

buildbot start ''slavedir''

To stop buildslave anytime, please run

buildbot stop ''slavedir''
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