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The reason for a visual identity is not to limit the creative process or design scope, but in writing terms, make a coherent sentence.

The main goal is to produce visibility and "recognizability" in public for both the software product and the OpenSource community Therefore it is necessary that people get a positive feeling about the visual identity style by being confronted with it's graphical elements as often as reasonably possible.

A good visual identity style has to reflect a professional environment and to leave the focus not on the style itself, but on the product behind it and shows what the product has to offer.

There are two types of design environments in the Art Community, promotional graphics which allow more freedom in design and in-product graphics which need to be highly in-sync with the visual identity.

As long as this page doesn't contain more content from inside the Art Project, it just links to Visual Design, created by Stella Schulze, the designer of the icons.

Vector vs. Raster

Black, Grayscale, or Color

RGB, CMYK, or Pantone

Version Designation

Logo Usage

Modifications or Additions


Wire Gulls

Icon Curve

Application Designs

Logo Colors

Application Colors

Galaxy Icon Colors

Website Colors

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