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To avoid abuse the logo (and the officially used icons) is not licensed under an open license. If it was licensed under LGPL it could be modified or abused for dishonorable purposes (like a virus contaminated OOo).

aski for allowance to use the logo for your specific purpose. Please always also inform one of the marketing project leads ("global" section at After a few days you will get (probably) a positive answer - you will be able to use the logo but not to change it.

  • If you want to work on an update of the logo or to provide a new one, please subscribe to the art project mailing list Changes to the official logo can only be approved by the Community Council, if you did sign JCA [1] first.

Please don't be discouraged by all this legal stuff - we don't like it either...

All this is work in progress, please read the official statement for usage in distributions.

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