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Desktop Wallpapers


Follow these guidelines when submitting artwork please:

  • Any Desktop Wallpapers are welcome, try to use the format given here:
  • For common use please create and submit art work at a 1024 x 786 size or above.
  • If it is not above these sizes try to say what computer or what type of computer it would be used for.
  • Keep images in a medium sized box so that we don't have massive images stretching the page.
  • Please create a header out of your name (User Name or Real).

What to list in the image description box:

  • Wallpaper Name (if any)
  • Description
  • Full Image Size
  • Special Intentions if not above 1024 x 786 size
  • Author
  • License


Austin Martin

OOo in Space

"Birds in Space", 1200x800, Austin Martin, PDL[1] license
"Birds in Space", Without the OOo Logo, 1200x800, Austin Martin, PDL[2] license

OpenSourcePal Wallpaper Contest in 2006

There have been 45 entries to this contest. The authors of the best contributions were asked to provide their artwork under an Open Source license in order to present it on the website. Here they are - for the others please have a look at OpenSourcePal.

This is the winner of the OpenSourcePal Contest, "OOo", 1024x768, Brian Li , License:LGPL
"Three Marbles", 1600x1200, Sid Valera, License:LGPL
"", 1600x1200, Carlo, License:LGPL
"Plain", 1024x768, Jason Alvarez, License:[PDL]
"White", 1024x768, Jason Alvarez, License:[PDL]
"Blue Birds", several sizes, Thomas B. Brown Jr., License:LGPL
"Ready for a New Office?", several sizes, Thomas B. Brown Jr., License:LGPL
"Office Fun", several sizes, Thomas B. Brown Jr., License:LGPL
"OpenOffice Billboard", several sizes, Thomas B. Brown Jr., License:LGPL
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