CD/DVD Labels and Envelopes for OOo3

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Proposals for CD labels for OOo3

based on the OOo3 splash screen
OOo3 splash screen

CD label first draft

Source: OOo3_CD-label.svg

CD label from PrOOo-Box

Main differences between the two drafts:

  • position of curved line
  • gradients
  • position and size of wire gulls

On the Art project mailing list we discussed, which label fits better to the projects purposes: Most comments preferred the first draft, but some proposals for improvement have been made: look at this thread.

Therefore a third draft was made and I added versions of CD envelopes and DVD envelopes too:

CD third version
CD envelope of the third version
DVD envelope of the third version
DVD envelope of the third version - added a covertext to the back

Other possible improvements:

reduced vertical size of the reflection:

CD label with crushed reflection
CD label with ODF logo

draft with some more variations

CD label with ODF logo
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