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Typing in ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ (Inuktitut)

Add-on for Open Office Apache 4.0 wish!

Typing in your own language is a feature that will make AOO even stronger, it will strengthen, re-vitalize and promote a language in this digital age we all embrace in everyday use! We can maximize the digital technology to it's capacity by enabling the use of your language instantly.

There is a notepad that exists that will do this;

Built using the Visual Basic 2008 express edition, the concept can be added to AOO 4.0, and probably much better!?

This feature would be best used in Writer, and it would allow anyone, who wishes to instantly type in syllabics that option, by converting each roman orthography key letter to it's matching syllabic.

How does it work?

Very simple, you press a letter, in this example, the letter i, and the outcome will be the letter i in the Inuktitut alphabet, which is ᐃ

There are 60 syllabic letters in total for the Inuktitut alphabet. 30 syllabic letters use just 1 roman orthography letter, the other 30 use a combination of 2 roman letters or more to generate 1 syllabic letter.

Typing Instantly

It will ellminate the need for downloading keyboard drivers, obtaining and putting mapped keyboards and stickers on your keyboard, and most importantly, it will enable the user to quickly and efficiently type instantly in Inuktitut or other languages. This will be the first of it's kind on a major word processor!

The already devloped notepads are limited to the operating system, and generally will only run in a specific version. It will enhance and strengthen the Inuktitut language!

What would really be neat, is to incorporate this concept into Apache Open Office. There are many languages that use syllabics, and more and more of them are now in unicode format.

It shouldn't be a huge addition, just a way to add the syllabics of each language and then having a shorcut key to enable the use of the keyboard and type in syllabics using the roman orthography that represents each letter of the language.

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