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Stopper, Blocker, Showstopper, Release Stopper, Release Blocker or however you want to call it. These bugs/issues are most critical, because the release can be stopped until it is fixed. The result can be a delay of one or more weeks for a release.

A hardware or (especially) software bug that makes an implementation effectively unusable; one that absolutely has to be fixed before development can go on. Opposite in connotation from its original theatrical use, which refers to something stunningly good.

-- showstopper as defined in the hacker jargon file


In the past Stopper issues were reported on Release Candidates only. Since OOo 3.2 this was changed. Since OOo 3.2 there is a general phase to promote Stopper issues. When the release code-line is split (branched off) from the general development code-line (DEV300) this phase starts. Only Stopper issues are accepted by the Release Manager for integration into the release code-line. This is needed to stabilize the version until the release. It isn't allowed to make bigger changes, where the risk isn't clear and which aren't explicit needed for the release.

Criteria for a Stopper issue

  • it is a regression in main functionality
  • it is a crash in main functionality
  • it is a freeze or loop in main functionality
  • it is a security issue
  • it is a privacy issue
  • it is a data loss
  • it is a build breaker on one or more of the generally supported platforms
  • it is an important usability issue in Accessibility (A11Y)
  • it is a legal issue
  • it is a translation merge issue

Samples for a Stopper issue

  • OOo isn't installable on one or more systems
  • an OOo application cannot be started
  • OOo crashes when common documents are saved/loaded
  • general functionality is broken from one build to another
  • ODF validation problem
  • a supported API is broken from one build to another
  • in the UI and or Help appear English terms for which translations have been provided within translation deadlines (merge issue)

All these issues have to be reproducible by a developer. Without reproducible scenario it isn't possible for a developer to find the root cause and the bug cannot be fixed.

What isn't a Stopper issue

  • general fixes for unimportant bugs
  • general code cleanup
  • general features or enhancements

How to promote/nominate a Stopper issue

When you found a bug, which you want to promote as Stopper you have to do ...

  • submit an Issue in IssueTracker first
  • set the 3.4_release_blocker flag to "?"
  • write a mail to to discuss this issue
    • please subscribe to this mailing list first to get answers for your mail directly
    • the mail should include
      • the issue ID - ideally with a direct link -
      • a short summary
      • information why you want to promote this issue
      • title should be similar to : "[RELEASE]: nominate/promote 'issueID' as stopper for 'release name'"
  • within the next 1-3 days you will get an exception or a rejection via mail from a Release Manager
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