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  • .... The registration is free and easy - and only required to prevent spam on the pages. ...ion. I saved all of SVG files to a dir and tryed to open one by one. I get the next results:
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  • The 'mws' stands for 'Master Workspace'. Master Workspaces for releases name, f.e. 'mws_ooh680' is the name of the branch of workspace OOH680,
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  • This document describes the various directories in the source code for till version 3.3. Please note that only the current directory structure are described.
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  • {{Note|For development on the current development line, no CVS is needed. DEV300 is currently hosted on [ This is the process for getting CVS accounts for the up-stream
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  • <td align="left">Hack the Dialog - src style!</td> ...o be applied on the document - [find svx/ -name *zoom*]. But there is also the Character Map dialog that comes up on selecting Insert-&gt;Special Characte
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  • ...while the flip side is that it will probably already be in the source, so the changes are already done. It is also longer ;-) ...ntation and that would launch file save dialog which one could use to save the graphic to some place on disk.
    15 KB (1,691 words) - 15:21, 21 December 2006
  • ...n detail, let's first ask the guy directly first: Issuing 'which build' at the command line returns nothing :-) A second try with 'alias build' starts to ...the Linux build of OOo on the Intel platform - so that helps to understand the other as well.
    6 KB (1,089 words) - 02:20, 29 December 2008
  • ...he module is say sw, that means a long wait. Typically we can just back up the build directory and re-build while looking for errors. ...if it has not been built yet. Looking at it in terms of size, the size of the solver directory is 435 MB on my machine...
    12 KB (1,926 words) - 12:30, 28 November 2006
  • [ The last set of tutorials had introduced a new top-level project 'helloworld' a ...t, but now to make it interesting further by working it up the way most of the OOo code is organized - as a UNO component!
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  • ...ady, we are ready to invoke it from elsewhere, and we do exactly that from the same earlier location: create an instance of our new component for us, we pass it the name of the service that we want to use and ask it to create one instance of it for us.
    5 KB (785 words) - 15:48, 22 November 2006
  • ...f the functionality. What we take advantage of is the fact that OOo stores the configuration settings in our home directory which we can monitor. ...Settings-&gt;Writing Aids and uncheck "Check spelling as you type" and OK the dialog.
    3 KB (571 words) - 12:31, 28 November 2006
  • ...the [[CWS Policies]] page. This text is some really, really bare bones for the quickest, most simple cws usage. ...ed [[EIS]]. The cws tooling talks to both the SVN server and (via SOAP) to the [[EIS]] service. It makes maintaining branches more efficient, standardises
    11 KB (1,964 words) - 10:16, 11 July 2018
  • ...p to date. Comments or suggestions can be put on the Discussion page (from the tab above)''' ...oftware for bibliographies and cataloging. It provides a quick overview of the landscape of open-source bibliographic software; both where it has been, bu
    63 KB (9,587 words) - 07:43, 26 April 2013
  • Disclaimer! I tested the tinderbox scripts that are described on this page only with W32-tcsh but th ...arate and de-coupled build machines. Tinderbox has a few elaborations over the most simple 'status' web-page, inasmuch that it integrates with bonsai - to
    11 KB (1,805 words) - 23:11, 20 January 2011
  • * The RDF repository is implemented and works, the API to work with meta data is defined. ...ers that is able to import and export meta data at any object implementing the API.
    27 KB (3,970 words) - 11:25, 28 March 2010
  • ...for [[]] 2.x (*nix) will happen. Eventually it will replace the [ Font Trouble Shooting Guide] ...ct mistakes and fix typos! If one has other suggestions, feel free to use the [[Talk:Font-FAQ|discussion page]].
    19 KB (3,152 words) - 16:56, 1 September 2011
  • ...tly it is the first thing a new contributor comes across when they pick up the project. Main main target audience is an contributor running a high-mid lev * Simple test harness to figure out the speed of different build tools: [
    7 KB (1,004 words) - 11:29, 28 March 2010
  • NOTE: The current build instructions are at: [[Mac OS X Build Instructions]] ...urse be used for next, but be carefull, cws containing changes included in the patches described in this document, are coming...
    5 KB (777 words) - 15:38, 23 September 2013
  • ...SO8U6) the behavior of the File-Save dialog is as follows - assuming that the Option "Automatic file name extension" is ON (= default). |same thing. works with any valid extension, even non-text document ones!
    3 KB (416 words) - 17:41, 8 March 2010
  • ...provides information on a second screen, that typically is not visible to the audience. This includes ...displayed slide (for when the presenter faces the audience and can not see the primary screen)
    29 KB (4,837 words) - 09:28, 5 May 2012
  • ...of formats. This section of the wiki has been setup to transfer a copy of the plan to this site. For the progress of drafting a new SMP, please refer to [[Strategic_Marketing_Plan_
    107 KB (16,087 words) - 11:25, 24 February 2013
  • The list : source -> all the Mac specific sources
    3 KB (460 words) - 09:19, 24 February 2010
  • ...ou have an enormous spreadsheet, you do not always want to print the whole thing every time. You want to print just a chunk. Also, when you have an enormous ...just Totals, maybe, one called January through March -- whatever. Whatever the logical subchunks are that you want to print.
    1 KB (249 words) - 12:46, 26 October 2009
  • Feel free to add to and edit the advice below. Sophie Gautier started it, and it evolved into a discussion o * The first thing is to find volunteers in the community :)
    4 KB (625 words) - 08:28, 27 January 2010
  • ...per could create its own URE application without too much effort thanks to the Eclipse integration.'' ...xplanations on the component, please refer to the corresponding section in the Java component tutorial.
    4 KB (608 words) - 13:12, 28 March 2010
  • ...d. There are some good arguments for not having one. see the discussion in the dev list [ ...eb addresses. Also a miscellaneous reference type was added to support all the other types of media now available, video, graphics etc.
    16 KB (2,360 words) - 11:26, 28 March 2010
  • ...component (a Calc add-in) for [[]] (OOo) in C++. Even though the instructions are for [[Linux]], this guide should give an idea on how to wr ...h them or have them in their repositories. For example in Ubuntu 5.10-7.04 the package names are g++ and libc6-dev.
    11 KB (1,723 words) - 12:20, 28 March 2010
  • ...o avoid deadlocks. This page documents the background, necessary tasks and the status of '''Modal Dialogs in Multi-threaded Environments''' ==The Problem==
    14 KB (2,139 words) - 07:13, 19 June 2007
  • ...nshots are of forms that I created as examples for people on the OOOForum. The database files they use are my own creation as are any associated basic lib ...ueries and or macros. In reviewing the files, it appears that this will be the case.
    4 KB (779 words) - 16:28, 2 December 2006
  • ...ext object in which it was created. Thus a text cursor that is created for the main document's text range can not move inside a table. ...mmon thing to do is to create a text cursor which has the same location as the view cursor, as follows:
    5 KB (779 words) - 14:16, 25 November 2009
  • ...complicated and not expected by users, the new chart should be able to do the activation and selection of an object in one step. Currently, we favor a mechanism that does the following:
    5 KB (802 words) - 09:23, 25 November 2009
  • To ease usage of the OOo wiki, some rules should be helpful, to achieve]) extension comes at hand. Uno organizational pages are populated with the help of DPL.
    5 KB (804 words) - 15:52, 7 August 2008
  • = How to install the SDK and compile the C++ examples = The following points are important, if you want to succeed in building C++ comp
    14 KB (2,220 words) - 09:41, 11 July 2018
  • ...ou. Please read also [[Documentation/BASIC_Guide/API_Intro|Introduction to the API]] and documentation [[Documentation/DevGuide/WritingUNO ..., <idl></idl> is a service and clicking on the link shows you it contains many interfaces, and <idl>
    31 KB (4,488 words) - 16:49, 14 July 2018
  • ...n() where « add code here » is quoted in red. We give for the third time the main program : ...dicate what to add into the makefile and into the source code. [[OOConnect|The function ooConnect()]] is also used and not presented here : we have alread
    40 KB (5,221 words) - 10:15, 11 July 2018
  • ...ocumentation/DevGuide/WritingUNO/Accessing_Dialogs|Developer's Guide]]. At the moment I have only managed such [[Component_and_Dialog|Dialogs in component Forms are much higher level than the other two.
    34 KB (4,122 words) - 20:00, 1 July 2018
  • For an introduction, you can read the [ component tutori ...xtensions_development_basic#Introducing_the_OpenOffice.org_API|Introducing the API]].
    54 KB (7,745 words) - 16:48, 14 July 2018
  • ...paration of concerns (lots of generally useful functionality was buried in the DrawingLayer code, instead of separated out into tooling libraries), and a ...e or captionPrimitive, down to simple ones like polyPolygonColorPrimitive. The high-level primitives have built-in support for breaking them up into simpl
    124 KB (18,756 words) - 09:48, 24 February 2010
  • As follow up on the effort in the [[BugBountyProgram | in 2008]] here the preparations for 2010 are done. == Public Info on the programm ==
    3 KB (439 words) - 20:38, 14 March 2010
  • a [ Google Summer of Code] project 2006 out the [[SummerOfCode2006|project ideas]]. This project page keeps you informed about the ongoing work on this project.
    15 KB (2,482 words) - 09:51, 24 February 2010
  • This page is dedicated to the native printing implementation in for Mac OS X The final goal of this project is to have the native printing support on Mac OS X.
    16 KB (2,441 words) - 21:40, 18 May 2007
  • [2008-05-07 15:06:05] <PhilippL> 2. Current state of the open CWS's [2008-05-07 15:06:58] <PhilippL> Last thing to go in will be native context menus done by fne ( which already work quit
    2 KB (302 words) - 10:54, 16 December 2009
  • [11:03] ericb2 The principle is : I expose the points, without people talk [11:03] ericb2 once the first part is finished, questions are welcome
    28 KB (4,020 words) - 11:31, 5 January 2010
  • ...h FAQ}}__NOTOC__{{Documentation/FAQTOC}}{{Note| A useful first resource is the '''[[Documentation/Reference/Math_commands|OpenOffice Math Syntax Reference Search the FAQs: <googlefaq/>
    5 KB (891 words) - 20:30, 1 July 2018
  • ...Office community can assist in developing the design and documentation for the enhanced bibliographic facility.''' ''( tell me the title and date and I will inset a link to the message [[User:Dnw|David Wilson]] )''
    28 KB (4,013 words) - 09:05, 8 March 2012
  • <P STYLE="margin-bottom: 0in">One of the most common mistakes is to the order of the lines in the <SPAN LANG="ko-KR">makefile</SPAN> does
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  • ...iles they have travelled over the course of a year. It also keeps track of the total out of pocket expenses made in fulfilling their teaching assignments. The database uses a very simple table structure, much more a flat database then
    4 KB (737 words) - 13:09, 28 March 2007
  • This database is not one actually in use. It comes from some help sessions on the OOOForum. It might be a good base to work up from however. ...imple as possible to support the development of one form and a few macros. The schema is
    5 KB (844 words) - 07:18, 10 August 2006
  • * This page is '''not''' part of the development cycle i.e. is not the place where feature requests are tracked. known readers other than the people who express their wishes on it i.e the developers do not read this page.
    26 KB (4,389 words) - 19:14, 24 December 2012
  • ...ent_environment IDE]). And while Base is typically used to create forms in the *Office environment, note that all Form elements (form 'controls' such as t providing the back-end database functionality. But that's not actually the case. Bundled database options include: spreadsheets ([http://en.wikipedia.
    53 KB (8,085 words) - 20:55, 8 August 2015

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