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Download the Sun Report Builder here. The following list describes all features which could be implemented for the OOo 3.x time frame.

Planned Features

As every time any kind of help is very appreciated.

First Priority

  1. Sub Reports

Second Priority

  1. Add-On functionality
  2. Formula API
  3. AutoFormating of Controls
  4. Repeatable Group Footer
  5. Hyperlink Controls
  6. Scripting Support
  7. Multi Column Support
  8. Flowing Text in Sections

Sub Reports

Allow to insert reports into reports like it is possible to insert forms in forms.

Add-On functionality

Define an API which can be used by external developers to provide additional functionality to Sun Report Builder e.g. barcodes.

Meta Data for Reports

Export meta data like

  • Who designed the report
  • Who executed the report
  • When was it last time printed
  • Any other information about the report itself

Formula API

Definition of a general approach to declare functions and formulas. This should allow external developers to define new functions and formulas which can be used in a report.

AutoFormatting of Controls

Assign styles to controls like it possible to assign styles at paragraphs in Writer.

Repeatable Group Footer

Allow that group footer will be printed on each side even when the group doesn't change.

Hyperlink Controls

Create a new control which will create a hyper link in the resulting report. Either hard coded or filled by a column value.

Scripting Support

Event driven JAVA scripting when report will be executed.

Multi Column Support

Allow to create a report which uses multiple columns to print.

Flowing Text in Sections

Currently the design in resulting report is based on tables which have fixed height and width. This will change when using flowing text. This would also allow the user to write any text in a section and to insert some kinds of reporting elements which behave like field commands.

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