ReleaseStatus Minutes 2008-07-14 IRC log

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(14:59:01) _Nesshof1 [n=_Nesshof@nat/sun/x-70d0998d7f41ac68] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:59:05) ja_: hi
(15:00:05) paveljanik: Hi
(15:00:14) _Nesshof1: moin
(15:00:36) bettina-h: hi
(15:01:43) _Nesshof1: status beta 2 ?
(15:01:52) _Nesshof1: we are ready to release ?
(15:02:16) msc_sun [n=ms93807@nat/sun/x-d6971b8c9af93ebc] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:02:21) _rene_: imho yes
(15:02:33) ja_: besides the two Bouncer links for Linux 64 bit all Bouncer links are working. Download page has been prepared
(15:02:48) _Nesshof1: I think in Germany it already has been announced
(15:02:51) ***_rene_ in fact already uploaded beta2 to Debian yesterday
(15:03:02) _rene_: (waiting for approval right now)
(15:03:32) mdamboldt_away heißt jetzt mdamboldt
(15:03:37) _Nesshof1: so we can noify marketing for the final announcement
(15:03:53) _Nesshof1: ok, 3.0 Final status then:
(15:04:13) _Nesshof1: there are about 30 open cws and a couple of stoppers raised
(15:04:28) kai_a [n=Kai_Ahre@nat/sun/x-60a22230512a1325] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:05:08) _Nesshof1: last regular integration of cws was scheduled for July 18th
(15:05:35) _Nesshof1: I'm afraid that we will not able to keep that timeline
(15:06:22) _Nesshof1: maybe we should shift the timeline by one or two weeks
(15:06:39) rtimm [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:06:43) _rene_: +1
(15:06:56) _rene_: as long as no build-breaking cws are integrated :)
(15:06:59) _Nesshof1: e.g.: last cws integration July 31
(15:07:11) ***_rene_ currently has a bit of fears regarding xmlfilter10...
(15:07:38) _Nesshof1: first rc August 15th
(15:08:05) _Nesshof1: and release September 16th
(15:08:40) _Nesshof1: _rene_: but you also should have some hope
(15:09:08) _rene_: _Nesshof1: not after I have seen sus' last commit
(15:09:22) _Nesshof1: does anybody has a problem with shift the timelines by two weeks ?
(15:09:23) _rene_: relying on a binary-only jar in external
(15:09:31) _rene_: a new one!
(15:09:49) _Nesshof1: _rene_: yes, we need the sources in CVS as well
(15:09:53) paveljanik: lets first do the general stuff and not dive into details now.
(15:09:56) jrahemipour [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:11:16) _Nesshof1: then I will announce a delay of two weeks after this meeting
(15:12:04) _Nesshof1: are there any issues attached to issue 88888 we need to discuss now ?
(15:12:13) IZBot: tools TASK NEW P3 OOo 3.0 release stoppers
(15:14:21) _Nesshof1: resolution of issue 90045 is not yet clear for me
(15:14:30) IZBot: Word processor DEFECT NEW P2 Mail merge :: sending by e-mail does not work
(15:14:56) _Nesshof1: same applies for issue 90022
(15:15:02) IZBot: Spreadsheet DEFECT STARTED P2 DataPilot: Delivers no result, when filter is gropued by date
(15:16:14) _Nesshof1: issue 90515 has target 3.1 altough attached to 88888
(15:16:19) IZBot: Word processor DEFECT NEW P3 Autotext being edited, is shown as untitled in the window title bar
(15:17:48) _Nesshof1: UweL, stefan_b is 90515 a stopper for the final ?
(15:18:12) stefan_b: _Nesshof1, wait a moment...
(15:19:13) _rene_: if I think 90045 is what it is the workaround is easy, though
(15:19:24) ***_rene_ did that for the official Debian packages
(15:21:29) _Nesshof1: any other topics for today ?
(15:22:17) ***_Nesshof1 waits for stefan_b .....
(15:22:28) UweL: me too...
(15:23:17) _Nesshof1: maybe stefan_b is fallen asleep as Fridrich
(15:23:59) stefan_b: _Nesshof1, that AutoText issueis a regression, should be fixed for Final. I only rejected it as a Beta stopper.
(15:24:00) rtimm: :-)
(15:24:01) Fridrich: I am here
(15:24:15) _Nesshof1: stefan_b: ok, thanks
(15:24:20) _Nesshof1: Fridrich: :-)
(15:24:35) _Nesshof1: ok anything else for today ?
(15:24:40) UweL: no
(15:24:48) paveljanik: no
(15:24:57) _Nesshof1: rtimm: RE duties ?
(15:25:21) rtimm: _Nesshof1: I'll finish DEV300 m25, than Ivo (ihi) will take over.
(15:25:34) ja_: Upload of DEV300_m25 by me
(15:25:54) _Nesshof1: ok, by
(15:26:02) mdamboldt: bye

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