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Welcome to Apache OpenOffice(aka AOO) community. As QA we are helping improve AOO product quality. In generally, we are working on defect handling, manual test, and automation test. If you are interest in QA and willing to make AOO better, don’t hesitate to work with us and contribute your idea and your effort.

QA volunteers please find tasks here:

QA Task List
Task Type Task Link Update Date
Defect Task QA/Tasks/DefectTask Last Update 2012/11/19
Test Case Task QA/Tasks/TestcaseTask Last Update 2012/11/20
Automation Scripts Task *placeholder*

Following reference for QA tasks

Working with defect

Confirm “UNCONFIRMED" defect

  1. Reading defect description carefully to get understand essential of the problem.
  2. Based on the information provided verify whether the issue can be reproduced against latest build on all supported OS( the purpose of doing that is make sure whether the problem is OS independent).
  3. Identify regression. Try the defect against some old builds, e.g. released milestone build, to verify if the problem can also be reproduced too. If no, that means the issue is introduced after that build. This will help developer to locate how the defect is introduced.
  4. Do problem determination (PD). After reproduce defect, analysis defect symptom and function implementation try to give suggestion from QA/end user perspective.
  5. If the problem can be reproduced, change defect status to “CONFIRMED”, otherwise communicate with reporter to figure out the reproduce steps.

Verify “RESOLVED” defect

  1. Get latest build which include the fix.
  2. Follow the reproduce steps on the OS which issue has been reported on, verify if the defect is able to be reproduced or not.
  3. If the defect cannot be reproduce, then update your verification result to defect’s comments.
  4. Based on your knowledge to identify which function area may be impacted by this bug fix to do impact testing.
  5. If no problem found in impact testing, update your test result to defect’s comments. Otherwise reject the defect or accept this fix and open another new defect for the issue just found.
  6. With all verify/test is passed, change defect status to “VERIFIED” and then change it to “CLOSED”

Open new defect

  1. When encounter problem while testing product functionality, e.g. running test case, or verifying defect, following this guide to fire bug QA/HowToFileIssue

Working with manual testing

In AOO project, all manual testing assets, e.g. test case, test execution are store in Testlink system( , with this system we can

  1. Perform test case manually.
  2. Write functionality test case

For Testlink system usage guide, please refer to QA/Testlink

For how to write test case, please refer to QA/Testcase/How_to_write_test_case and sample test case QA/Testcase/Sample

Automation section

Under Construction

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