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(3:01:18 PM) _ch_: hi, kay!
(3:01:22 PM) _ch_: hi, liutao.
(3:01:32 PM) kr: good afternoon cynthia
(3:01:44 PM) liutao: Good afternoon cynthia
(3:01:52 PM) liutao: nice to see you.
(3:01:56 PM) liutao: :)
(3:03:44 PM) liutao: do you want to speak something?
(3:04:01 PM) kr: _ch_: did your log in into CVS work?
(3:04:18 PM) _ch_: kay: thank you for the mail. I have just tried to upload the source into our project cvs, via web . it seems a little difficult to me. :(
(3:04:50 PM) kr: _ch_: you don't need to use the web frontend, you certainly can check in the code on the command line, with cvs
(3:07:37 PM) kr: _ch_: just login first: cvs -d login
(3:08:05 PM) kr: _ch_: than checkout the source: cvs -d checkout modularization/src
(3:08:16 PM) _ch_: kay: I cannot log in with my account: cynthia_qu.
(3:08:30 PM) kr: _ch_: what is it saying?
(3:10:18 PM) _ch_: kay: I use "cvs -d login"
(3:10:41 PM) kr: _ch_: looks good
(3:11:39 PM) _ch_: kr: it says: "cvs [login aborted]: connect to failed: Network is unreachable"
(3:12:20 PM) kr: _ch_: I am currently trying to cvs login from another box, and it fails with the same error
(3:14:06 PM) _ch_: kr: I tried to use anoncvs, it works.
(3:14:46 PM) _ch_: kr: I can download with "anoncvs" ...
(3:15:31 PM) kr: _ch_: you can check out with anoncvs, but you can not check in
(3:17:41 PM) _ch_: kr: Now I just want to ensure the network is ok, ...
(3:17:58 PM) kr: _ch_: I see
(3:18:02 PM) _ch_: kr: I think the network is OK... :)
(3:19:53 PM) kr: _ch_: from a local box it works
(3:20:26 PM) kr: liutao: you did check in the source code, did you use a "tunnel" or could you directly login to cvs?
(3:22:10 PM) liutao: I use the tunnel
(3:23:24 PM) kr: I see, obviously it is CVS through ssh, I somehow missed that, it always works here locally ;), I do a quick check find out what needs to be done
(3:23:41 PM) kr: may be this helps:
(3:27:18 PM) liutao: Seems I can not reach this page.
(3:28:32 PM) _ch_: kr: with the same problem...
(3:28:53 PM) kr: some other page:
(3:31:10 PM) kr: _ch_: could you change the issue accordingly ?
(3:31:58 PM) liutao: _ch_:you can try to do that.
(3:34:53 PM) _ch_: kr: how to change the accordingly?
(3:35:51 PM) kr: _ch_: see section 4. : submitting your public key
(3:36:56 PM) _ch_: kr: re-upload the public key?
(3:36:57 PM) kr: _ch_: you already created an issue, you now need to assign the key "to ssh2key in the www component and website general issues subcomponent"
(3:37:35 PM) kr: _ch_: no, just set the fields accordingly -> I can do it, if you want to
(3:38:23 PM) _ch_: kr: please do me a favor on this! Thank you! :)
(3:39:15 PM) kr: _ch_: you are welcome :)
(3:40:31 PM) _ch_: kr: Any otherthing you want me to do this week?
(3:41:05 PM) kr: _ch_: let's solve this, so that you check in your code
(3:43:16 PM) _ch_: kr: OK.Then we can discuss about what to do ...
(3:45:15 PM) kr: _ch_: I am twiddling with the issue
(3:45:59 PM) _ch_: kay: I am twiddling with the souce...
(3:46:07 PM) kr: :)
(3:46:39 PM) liutao: what is the twiddling mean?
(3:47:17 PM) kr: liutao: to touch something and to try some things to get it working
(3:47:30 PM) liutao: ;)I see
(3:47:43 PM) _ch_: anything to discuss today?
(3:47:56 PM) kr: I think that is it for today
(3:48:08 PM) liutao: OK
(3:48:49 PM) _ch_: so, have a nick week! bye! :)
(3:49:03 PM) liutao: Goodbye
(3:49:04 PM) kr: bye :)

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