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(15:06:31) _ch_: hi, Kay,
(15:06:35) _ch_: hi, liutao.
(15:06:39) kr: good afternoon cynthia
(15:07:06) kr: ingo is not going to join for the next weeks
(15:07:30) _ch_: OK. anything new I have missed? :)
(15:08:11) kr: not as far is I know, did you guys have a meeting last week? I was too late in the office, sorry ...
(15:09:04) _ch_: kr:just liutao and me. :)
(15:09:21) kr: I see :)
(15:09:47) _ch_: kr: I have said I would finish the system-related swithces until last friday,I am afraid I am not able to upload the sources this friday. Sorry. :)
(15:11:16) _ch_: kr: I have tried to make them only "UNCHECKED" in default , as CheckBox
(15:12:51) kr: _ch_: didn't it work?
(15:13:11) _ch_: kr: and to the Label-TextFeild stuff, I still need to handle it with a Listener..
(15:15:49) _ch_: kr: the switches can be saved, but I have not tested whether the script work or not... am I misunderstand?
(15:16:34) _ch_: kr: or shall I make them "CHECKED"?
(15:18:30) _ch_: kr: the Label-TextFeild stuff doesn't work well as I supposed.
(15:18:47) kr: _ch_: you may want to mark them CHECKED if the addressed prerequisite is installed / available, that means that we need some functions to determine if a prerequisite is installed, such as "has_gcc" or "has_libxml2" etc.
(15:22:58) _ch_: kr: right, I hope we will change it later, but I cannnot get the system information at present.
(15:23:40) kr: _ch_: just implement some stubs for the needed methods, we can than fill in the details later and you have something to play with
(15:25:00) _ch_: kr: so I don't need to put them all at present?
(15:26:01) kr: _ch_: you needn't, e.g. just implement the "has_gcc" functions as "bool has_gcc() { return true; }" respectively let it return false for testing purposes
(15:31:24) _ch_: kr: I see. but I don't know where shall I put these functions, I am afraid I cannot put them as part of TreeNode?
(15:32:58) kr: _ch_: just add them to where your implementations reside, we move them to a more appropriate location later
(15:33:33) _ch_: kr: OK, I will do it. :)
(15:43:53) _ch_: kr: do you have anythig want to share with us? :)
(15:44:43) kr: _ch_: not too much news from my side
(15:45:28) liutao: Kr: do you will join the OOoCon?
(15:51:49) kr: quite likely I will not participate at this years OOo conf
(15:51:59) kr: what about you both?
(15:54:38) _ch_: kr: I can not joint it this year. :)
(15:55:01) _ch_: kr: will ingo join it?
(15:55:22) kr: _ch_: I don't know
(15:57:51) kr: anything else for today?
(16:00:10) _ch_: no from me.  ;)
(16:04:26) kr: see you next week than, by for now :)
(16:05:21) _ch_: bye bye. :)

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