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(15:02:30) is_: Good morning and good afternoon :-)
(15:02:48) kr: good afternoon and good morning everybody
(15:03:39) liutao: Good afternoon and good morning
(15:04:04) _ch_: Good morning, and Good afternoon! :)
(15:06:16) is_: liutao: Did you already speak at the university or will it still happen?
(15:06:20) kr: I wanted to update the modularization wiki pages this morning, seems that the wiki has a problem, it tells me that my session is outdated all the time
(15:06:35) kr: tried two different locations
(15:09:07) liutao: is_:I am sorry...
(15:09:31) liutao: is_:There are exam in that University and changed the time.
(15:11:35) is_: liutao: So you got a new date for your speech?
(15:12:14) liutao: is_:Have not told me yet.
(15:17:21) liutao: anything news?
(15:18:40) kr: ... not from me
(15:20:26) is_: ... not from me, either
(15:20:35) _ch_: kr: not from me.
(15:21:18) kr: ok, let's talk again next week
(15:23:51) _ch_: see you , then .:)
(15:24:06) is_: have a nice week, good bye
(15:24:26) kr: bye for now :)

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