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Conversation with #ooom12n at 2009年12月08日 星期二 15时20分53秒 on (irc)
(15时46分09秒) kr [n=Kay@nat/sun/x-soyyvqoahghtyosm] 进入了聊天室。
(16时01分10秒) liutao: morning kr
(16时01分29秒) liutao: afternoon canghua
(16时02分07秒) is_ [n=is@nat/sun/x-lgnnekrvxttqpsnn] 进入了聊天室。
(16时02分20秒) liutao: morning ingo
(16时02分23秒) is_: Good morning and good afternoon
(16时02分30秒) _ch_: good afternoon liutao!
(16时02分32秒) _ch_: good morning
(16时02分38秒) kr: good morning, good afternoon :)
(16时02分45秒) _ch_: good morning ingo and Kay!
(16时04分15秒) kr: How is the weather in Beijing?
(16时04分37秒) liutao: not much cold
(16时04分49秒) kr: raining?
(16时04分59秒) liutao: no,
(16时06分28秒) _ch_: kay: it is -3 ~ 7 C today. :)
(16时06分43秒) liutao: degree
(16时07分00秒) kr: _ch_: how cold is going to be ? Does it will snow?
(16时07分20秒) is_: -3 is pretty cold. We also have +7 C
(16时07分24秒) _ch_: kay: sorry, I don't know. But it seems not at present.
(16时07分31秒) liutao: the world become warmer and warmer...
(16时07分53秒) _ch_: liutao: yes. what a pity.
(16时09分23秒) _ch_: is_: -3 is the lowest at night.
(16时09分35秒) kr: so, what's on our list for today? Did anybody find a moment to look the screenshot I posted?
(16时09分59秒) is_: It is a big difference. We have +5 in the night and +7 at daylight.
(16时10分41秒) kr: is_: in the suburbs we already had under zero :)
(16时11分40秒) is_: kr: oh, sorry for you ;-)
(16时12分27秒) kr: is_: Doesn't matter, I come by train anyway.
(16时12分36秒) _ch_: kay: I have not found the screenshot.
(16时13分27秒) kr: ... doing a quick check
(16时15分28秒) kr: _ch_: you are right, can not find it either, resending it
(16时16分17秒) _ch_: kr: with mail?
(16时17分42秒) kr: _ch_: just send a new mail, should arrive in some seconds / minutes
(16时18分29秒) liutao: in which mailbox?
(16时19分15秒) _ch_: kr: I have not get any mail yet.
(16时19分23秒) kr:
(16时19分46秒) kr: I send a another mail ...
(16时20分29秒) is_: kr: sorry Kay, no screenshot attached to your mail.
(16时21分11秒) kr: the test mail went through, the one with attachment didn't, I try again, and if it still does not work, I upload that screenshot to the wiki
(16时22分10秒) kr: now it worked, can you see the screenshot?
(16时24分16秒) is_: kr: hm, test and test2 are both without attachment
(16时24分42秒) kr: Ok, I do upload it to the wiki ;-)
(16时25分11秒) liutao: I can not see the test and test2
(16时26分20秒) kr: I take a look later what's going wrong, meanwhile I upload it to the wiki
(16时27分26秒) kr: please see
(16时28分14秒) kr: ... it is not pretty, but you get an impression - I hope :)
(16时30分23秒) kr: ... what you see is: a console window - showing the output of "hg clone", three action buttons - "clone", "pull" and "abort", two textfields for configuring the source and the target
(16时31分25秒) liutao: what is the hg mean?
(16时31分29秒) _ch_: kay: it is cool.
(16时31分30秒) kr: the test app does invoke "hg clone" respectively "hg pull", and redirects the output to the console window, all through the java event queue, ensuring proper responsiveness
(16时31分41秒) kr: liutao: hg is short for Mercurial
(16时32分00秒) liutao: ok
(16时32分23秒) kr: the abort button does terminate a running hg process, all buttons except "abort" are disabled during an operation :)
(16时33分02秒) kr: ideally we can combine this with some smartness for selecting the source repo, including CWS, devs etc.
(16时36分00秒) kr: comments, opinions?
(16时36分24秒) liutao: cool...
(16时37分41秒) kr: ... so I try to finish that today, we may than want to concentrate on configure switches
(16时38分07秒) kr: _ch_: did you solve the problem with the extension, or may we still help you?
(16时38分23秒) _ch_: kay: no, I have not solve the problem.
(16时38分37秒) _ch_: kay: I have upload the file to our wiki.
(16时39分38秒) _ch_: kay:
(16时39分50秒) kr: _ch_: ok, going to take a look ( I know I promised that already last week ;)
(16时40分02秒) _ch_: kay: thank you.
(16时41分06秒) _ch_: kay: I have strace it , but I am just leaning how to read the report last week.
(16时42分05秒) kr: _ch_: strace output could be quite overwhelming, you may want to filter it somewhat, may just looking for file "open" operations etc.
(16时42分31秒) _ch_: kay: yes. I used -e open
(16时43分25秒) _ch_: kay: but I don't know where comes out the error. so I am doing source debug, now.
(16时43分36秒) _ch_: kay: I just cannot use the docbook on my computer then, even with the original source.
(16时44分09秒) kr: _ch_: that means, docbook is not working for you anyways?
(16时44分44秒) _ch_: kay: But the OOo2.4 in Ubuntu works.
(16时45分07秒) kr: _ch_: ... so we were hunting a phantom
(16时47分16秒) kr: _ch_: which OOo version are using? I just successfully saved as docbook with OOo 3.1.1 :)
(16时48分08秒) _ch_: kay: I do it with OOO310_m19
(16时49分21秒) kr: _ch_: that is the one I am using as well, Linux?
(16时49分36秒) _ch_: kay: yes, Ubuntu.
(16时49分47秒) _ch_: Ubuntu 8.04
(16时50分11秒) kr: _ch_: I am also on Ubuntu, though 9.10
(16时50分58秒) kr: _ch_: it is IMHO unlikely that this is dependent on the ubuntu version, could you re-install OOo and re-try?
(16时51分50秒) _ch_: kay: yes, I have tried it many times.
(16时52分44秒) kr: _ch_: so, you do re-install OOo and the docbook filter does not work, right?
(16时53分52秒) _ch_: kr: yese
(16时53分57秒) _ch_: kr: yes.
(16时54分32秒) kr: _ch_: what about trying a new ubuntu in VBox ?
(16时55分10秒) _ch_: kr: I will try.
(16时55分55秒) kr: _ch_: I will give your extension a try right away, may be already works and you did not recognize for other reasons :)
(16时57分17秒) _ch_: kr: thank you very much!
(16时58分27秒) kr: _ch_: by the way, how do I know that I am using your filter and not the build one?
(17时02分59秒) _ch_: kr: I just picked th build one
(17时04分30秒) _ch_: kr: and I don't know how to move the build one out. I just compiled the source without docbook.
(17时05分05秒) kr: _ch_: mmhhhh, may be we can change the filter name, at least for testing purposes?
(17时05分28秒) _ch_: kr: good idea!
(17时09分27秒) is_: Sorry, I have to leave now for the next meeting. Have a nice week and until next Tuesday.
(17时10分02秒) is_ 离开了聊天室("Leaving")。
(17时12分43秒) kr: _ch_: I am going to patch to get it running
(17时13分08秒) kr: we are over the time already, I wish a nice working week :)
(17时13分09秒) _ch_: kr: thank you very much! :)
(17时13分10秒) kr: bye
(17时13分19秒) liutao: Bye
(17时13分20秒) _ch_: bye , all
(17时13分22秒) _ch_: :)

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