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Conversation with #ooom12n at 2009年11月10日 星期二 15时44分09秒 on (irc)
(16时01分31秒) is_ [n=is@nat/sun/x-ifenekpnbghkvrdj] 进入了聊天室。
(16时01分43秒) kr [n=Kay@nat/sun/x-kxqggvrlmpequnle] 进入了聊天室。
(16时02分04秒) is_: Hello and good afternoon :-)
(16时02分31秒) liutao: Hello, Good afternoon
(16时02分32秒) kr: yep, from me as well :)
(16时02分36秒) liutao: good morning
(16时03分31秒) _ch_: hello, all.
(16时04分24秒) kr: what do we have for today?
(16时04分25秒) liutao: seems xiuzhi can not join us today.
(16时04分30秒) _ch_: is_: how about the OOoCon?
(16时04分39秒) liutao: k: do you have agenda?
(16时04分39秒) _ch_: :)
(16时04分57秒) kr: just have the points / todos from last week ...
(16时05分20秒) liutao: me too...
(16时05分27秒) kr: ... cynthia wanted to make the docbook support configurable ...
(16时05分31秒) is_: _ch_: OOoCon was fine, many interesting presentations and good food :-)
(16时06分00秒) kr: ... seems that she succeeded :)
(16时06分28秒) xiuzhi [n=Administ@] 进入了聊天室。
(16时06分47秒) xiuzhi: hi all,sorry for late
(16时06分47秒) kr: liutao wanted to check in the updated sources - liutao, I saw that you checked in your stuff :)
(16时06分48秒) liutao: hello xiuzhi.
(16时07分05秒) liutao: kr::)
(16时07分14秒) is_: hello xiuzhi
(16时07分26秒) _ch_: kr: I have maden it works, but not very well. I can get the item "docbook .xml" in the "Save as" dialog.
(16时07分30秒) xiuzhi: is_,liutao:hi
(16时07分30秒) _ch_: xiuzhi: hi. :)
(16时07分40秒) xiuzhi: _ch_:hi
(16时07分45秒) xiuzhi: kr:moin
(16时08分11秒) kr: liutao: I just checked it out - though could not find the project files for building it e.g. in netbeans, could add these? Ideally in a way that one could directly build the wizard?
(16时08分20秒) kr: xiuzhi: good afternoon :)
(16时09分14秒) liutao: kr:ok I will check in the project files
(16时09分21秒) kr: kr wanted to help cynthia - obviously she did not need any help :)
(16时09分29秒) _ch_: kr: maybe I need to ask it on the dev maillist, attaching the patch? or do you have any hint ?
(16时10分00秒) _ch_: kr: thank you!  :)
(16时10分11秒) kr: kr wanted to get the wizard running on Linux: that was easy, it runs, though this is very brief.
(16时10分46秒) kr: kr wanted to start the source code module: I just started it, currently implementing the Mercurial API for Java :)
(16时11分47秒) kr: _ch_: you mean about contributing the patch? I would just look up the docbook owner and would attach that to an issue :)
(16时12分21秒) _ch_: kr: no, but I am glad to offer it.
(16时13分29秒) kr: _ch_: we may as well collect our stuff in CWS repository and integrate that later, perhaps that makes more sense?
(16时14分22秒) _ch_: kr: I mean I cannot remove the item on the droplist of filetyp of "Save as "/"Export as"/... dialog.
(16时14分50秒) kr: _ch_: sorry, misunderstood ;)
(16时14分57秒) _ch_: kr: and I don't know how to resolve it. :)
(16时15分18秒) _ch_: kr: never mind. ;)
(16时16分21秒) kr: _ch_: what happens if you select docbook, while it is not available, for saving?
(16时18分36秒) _ch_: kr: pop out a messagebox: "Error Saving the docment T1"
(16时18分45秒) _ch_: kr: T1 is the document name
(16时19分46秒) kr: _ch_: I see, did you try to break into the debugger with dialog on stack? You should be able to see who is looking for the "filter" and did not find it ... this likely gives a hint where to look further
(16时20分11秒) _ch_: kr: I think the item "DocBook (.xml)" should not appear there . :)
(16时20分48秒) _ch_: kr: no, I have not do debug thing.
(16时20分50秒) kr: _ch_: agreed - I assumed the code wanting to instantiate may also the be the same code registering it :)
(16时21分33秒) kr: is_: any hint where to find the extension registrations? Somewhere in the config?
(16时22分03秒) xiuzhi: _ch_: did you remove the item from the .xcu file,eg. fcfg_writer_filters.xcu?
(16时23分23秒) _ch_: xiuzhi: no, I just had a looked at it.
(16时23分38秒) is_: kr: the content of the extensions is located in share/uno_packages/cache
(16时24分23秒) kr: is_: just meant where the .ext extensions are registered :)
(16时25分07秒) Gallomimia: oops. i hope not to miss two meetings in a row
(16时26分27秒) kr: Gallomimia: good morning :) - you had joined, so you at least could read it later on :)
(16时27分14秒) Gallomimia: yup :)
(16时28分03秒) Gallomimia: wanted to ask you guys once again who was it who was working to get localization (natural language) separated from built products
(16时28分19秒) Gallomimia: i had that answer but lost it from a crash or something
(16时28分26秒) is_: kr : .ext extensions, not .oxt extensions? I never saw .ext before. What did I miss?
(16时28分48秒) is_: Gallomimia: It was, his name is Ivo.
(16时28分49秒) xiuzhi: _ch_: you can ask YanWu for some help ,he is familar with the configs
(16时29分08秒) Gallomimia: thank you
(16时30分26秒) #ooom12n: 由 Gallomimia 管理(+o is_ )
(16时30分29秒) kr: is_: sorry for not being precise, just meant regular file extensions like .doc, .odt, .jpeg etc. For many of these we have filters registered, just couldn't remember how the registration process worked, I think it was somewhere in an xcu
(16时30分32秒) #ooom12n: 由 Gallomimia 管理(-o Gallomimia )
(16时30分38秒) _ch_: xiuzhi: thank you. But I don't know how to contact him. :(
(16时30分54秒) xiuzhi: liutao: could you ask YanWu to join us?
(16时31分47秒) liutao: OK
(16时31分49秒) xiuzhi: _ch_:or you can email liutao who can contact Yanwu,or ask liutao to do some help
(16时32分09秒) _ch_: xiuzhi: thank you.
(16时32分35秒) wuyan [n=Administ@] 进入了聊天室。
(16时32分57秒) _ch_: hi, wuyan. :)
(16时33分00秒) liutao: welcome wuyan
(16时33分16秒) is_: kr: ah, now I got it, extensions is obviously assigned to .oxt in my brain. So fcfg_writer_filters.xcu seems to be the correct place. But I would also have to ask as or cd for a more precise information.
(16时33分17秒) wuyan: _ch_: Hi, _ch_
(16时33分36秒) kr: is_: :-)
(16时34分14秒) kr: _ch_: seen the file is mentioned? This may be a start
(16时34分31秒) kr: _ch_: I meant ingo mentioned :)
(16时34分40秒) _ch_: kr: :)
(16时34分58秒) _ch_: is_: thank you. and is the fcfg_*.xcu can be used with Macros as I set "ENABLE_DOCBOOK"?
(16时35分33秒) _ch_: is_: I mean a variable. :)
(16时35分44秒) xiuzhi: wuyan: _ch_ has a problem about ooo config, maybe you can help her
(16时36分12秒) is_: _ch_: I will have to ask our configuration experts for this.
(16时36分48秒) _ch_: is_: :)
(16时37分40秒) wuyan: xiuzhi: I would like to do
(16时37分43秒) _ch_: wuyan: do you know how to remove a file-type in the droplist on the "Save as" dialog?
(16时38分48秒) _ch_: wuyan: e.g DocBook (.xml) , or some other .html ? :)
(16时39分55秒) wuyan: _ch_: Yes, you could modify the xcu in filter/source/config/fragments/...
(16时44分47秒) kr: ok - so what's the plan for this week?
(16时45分15秒) kr: I am pretty sure that I will finish the Mercurial API :)
(16时45分53秒) liutao: I will check in the project file. and aslo do some improvement?
(16时46分50秒) kr: good!
(16时47分10秒) _ch_: wuyan: thank you. and do you kow the meaning of "F4_XSLT" in the filter/source/config/fragments/ ?
(16时47分24秒) kr: liutao: could you ensure, that the build wizard is directly buildable after checkout?
(16时47分54秒) liutao: kr:yes of course
(16时49分03秒) kr: _ch_: I assume you continue the docbook separation?
(16时50分44秒) _ch_: kr: I want to finish it then. and do you have anything I can dothen? :)
(16时51分35秒) kr: _ch_: is it, that you more want to help with the wizard? Or do you prefer separating other stuff?
(16时51分36秒) _ch_: kr: sorry, dothen -> do then.
(16时51分50秒) kr: _ch_: got it anyway :)
(16时52分18秒) _ch_: kr: I would rather separating other stuff. :)
(16时52分46秒) _ch_: kr: I am not good at jave, just know some of it. :)
(16时52分58秒) kr: _ch_: ... Java is EASY :)
(16时53分07秒) _ch_: kr: jave -> java . sorry.
(16时53分28秒) wuyan: _ch_: I don't know the meaning of that line.
(16时54分19秒) _ch_: wuyan: never mind. thank you all the same.
(16时54分41秒) wuyan: _ch_: You're welcome
(16时54分54秒) kr: _ch_: we may want to continue on the filters - what do you think? May be converting the docbook filter into in extension?
(16时55分13秒) kr: is_: this time I mean .oxt or uno extension :*)
(16时55分37秒) is_: kr: ah, fantastic :-)
(16时56分15秒) kr: _ch_: by doing so, we could lighten OOo a bit, but still be able to add anything (e.g. the docook filter) if needed
(16时56分16秒) _ch_: kr:alright, and what is in extention , any hint?
(16时57分16秒) kr: _ch_: there are example extensions in the ODK, you may want to take a look at these. There is all some extension creation support for netbeans
(16时59分20秒) _ch_: kr: could you give me a link/infomation on the "in extension" ? as I am not quite understanding about it. :)
(17时00分52秒) kr: _ch_: yes, certainly :) the extension project may be the right starting point:
(17时02分26秒) _ch_: kr: OK, I will look at it.
(17时02分42秒) kr: _ch_: don't hesitate to ask, ideally on our mailing lists, so we all can help :)
(17时03分23秒) _ch_: kr: thank you. I like our mailist. :)
(17时03分48秒) kr: anything else for today? I think everybody has something she/he wants to achieve 'til next week :)
(17时04分58秒) kr: so, let's talk again next week, bye for now :)
(17时05分13秒) xiuzhi: bye
(17时05分19秒) _ch_: Bye. :)
(17时05分22秒) is_: good bye for this week
(17时05分27秒) liutao: good bye
(17时05分42秒) wuyan: Bye
(17时09分00秒) Gallomimia: excuse my ignorance. can someone enlighten me as to what is the "docbook" you're referring to and "separating"
(17时10分20秒) xiuzhi: Gallomimia:docbook is a filter
(17时12分11秒) Gallomimia: ah. you have not enlightened me :/
(17时13分32秒) Gallomimia: it seems to be less relevant to my purposes than i thought. i'll just leave you guys to do it. i like the idea of modularization but i think i'm mostly interested in separation of natural language projects from built products
(17时18分10秒) xiuzhi 离开了聊天室。
(17时18分24秒) kr 离开了聊天室(quit: "Ex-Chat")。
(17时21分29秒) wuyan 离开了聊天室。
(17时21分36秒) liutao 离开了聊天室。

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