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Conversation with #ooom12n at 2009年11月03日 星期二 15时38分48秒 on (irc)
(16时00分55秒) kr [n=Kay@nat/sun/x-bbbe360ac0cb7fcb] 进入了聊天室。
(16时02分16秒) liutao: morning Kay
(16时02分34秒) liutao: Xiuzhi have another meeting,so he can not join us today.
(16时02分49秒) kr: good afternoon, good morning
(16时03分09秒) kr: Ingo is currently on the way to Orvieto :)
(16时03分23秒) _ch_: Good morning & Good afternoon , all! :)
(16时04分22秒) _ch_: kr: very nice! and hope I will join in someday .  :)
(16时05分02秒) kr: _ch_: You are welcome :)
(16时05分46秒) _ch_: kr: I am trying to make "docbook" to be "enable" / "disable" with configure switch.
(16时06分11秒) kr: _ch_: Good! Any problems so far?
(16时06分16秒) _ch_: kr: yes.
(16时06分43秒) kr: _ch_: ?
(16时06分53秒) _ch_: kr: I have tried to add the configure switch --enable-docbook
(16时07分14秒) _ch_: kr: the problem: Possible unintended interpolation of @ENABLE_DOCBOOK in string at ./set_soenv line 1731.
(16时07分14秒) _ch_: Global symbol "@ENABLE_DOCBOOK" requires explicit package name at ./set_soenv line 1731.
(16时07分14秒) _ch_: Execution of ./set_soenv aborted due to compilation errors.
(16时08分11秒) kr: I'll take a look at it, is the var "@ENABLE_DOCBOOK" introduced by you?
(16时08分23秒) _ch_: kr: yes.
(16时08分29秒) _ch_: kr: and I want to do it like "pdfimport" switch.
(16时10分13秒) kr: _ch_: Ok, I see ... may be you can send me patches of what you have, I than can try them and see if I can get it working :)
(16时10分47秒) _ch_: kr: OK. Thank you. :)
(16时11分53秒) kr: By the way, I talked Dr. Jin about an additional Java programmer ...
(16时12分26秒) liutao: kr:?
(16时13分20秒) kr: ... it seems, that there are no current plans to assign anybody else :(
(16时13分45秒) liutao: :(
(16时13分58秒) kr: anyway, I think we are able to our stuff pretty well with the current setup :)
(16时14分20秒) _ch_: kr: it seems we should do by ourselves , at present. :)
(16时14分38秒) _ch_: kr: right.
(16时16分02秒) kr: liutao: Any news on checking the source in again?
(16时16分53秒) liutao: kr:no news.I don't know what will I do,Can you give me some advices?
(16时17分57秒) kr: liutao: IIRC, you did check in the source code of the first prototype of the build wizard, right?
(16时18分37秒) liutao: yes
(16时19分57秒) kr: liutao: I understand that the checked version is not the latest, so I suggest to put the latest version again into CVS
(16时20分54秒) liutao: ok,that is not hard, what is the next step?
(16时22分39秒) kr: just drop me a note, after everything has been checked in, I will than port it to linux and see if I can help with the "checkout the OOo source" module ...
(16时22分49秒) kr: I suggest to already go with Mercurial :)
(16时23分54秒) _ch_: kr: I have found the source about docbook filter in "smerge/java/org/openoffice/xmerge/converter/xml/xslt/docbook" and "canvas/source/docbook". Shall I do the switch things on these modules?
(16时24分38秒) liutao: I see .but I already upload the latest version in the wiki page,you can do it now.I will check in the code in cvs latter.
(16时25分28秒) kr: _ch_: AFAIK, this is two fold, you first need to disable building docbook itself, than you need to change the usages to only apply, if it has been enabled
(16时26分31秒) kr: liutao: cooperation on the source is much easier, if it is checked into a repository, otherwise I would need to send patches, while you do changes by your own, so we would get easily out of sync
(16时27分49秒) liutao: ok
(16时28分37秒) kr: ok
(16时29分04秒) kr: so let's continue, I think everybody currently has a task ...
(16时29分28秒) kr: - cynthia is going to make the docbook support configurable
(16时29分42秒) kr: - liutao improves the build wizard
(16时30分20秒) kr: - kay tries to help cynthia with docbook, does get the wizard running on linux and starts the "source module"
(16时32分44秒) liutao: good
(16时37分01秒) kr: liutao: is there anything concrete you already know you want to improve in the build wizard?
(16时39分51秒) liutao: no,I don't know,I just want to improve the UI and basic functions I think.I have no idea.
(16时40分14秒) kr: liutao: OK
(16时41分04秒) kr: if we don't have anything else for today, I suggest to go to work / home :)
(16时42分36秒) _ch_: kr: OK. I will send you the patch as soon as possible. :)
(16时42分59秒) liutao: OK,will go home :)
(16时43分44秒) _ch_: go on work for another hour, then go home . : )
(16时43分52秒) kr: "see" you next week than :)
(16时44分03秒) liutao: see u.
(16时44分10秒) _ch_: "see" you . then :)
(16时47分00秒) liutao 离开了聊天室。

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