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Conversation with #ooom12n at 2009年10月20日 星期二 14时46分04秒 on (irc)
(14时46分04秒) #ooom12n: 由 管理(+ns )
(14时46分18秒) liutao [n=liutao@] 进入了聊天室。
(14时47分39秒) xiuzhi [n=Administ@] 进入了聊天室。
(15时00分23秒) is_ [n=is@] 进入了聊天室。
(15时00分29秒) kr [n=Kay@nat/sun/x-nncwrqbanwisuzmb] 进入了聊天室。
(15时00分37秒) is_: Good afternoon, all
(15时00分43秒) liutao: Hello all
(15时00分43秒) xiuzhi: kr:moin
(15时00分48秒) xiuzhi: is_:moin
(15时00分59秒) kr: xiuzhi: moin moin :)
(15时01分25秒) kr: seems we are all back in town :)
(15时01分26秒) is_: moin moin in the afternoon :-)
(15时01分44秒) _ch_: hi, all. Nice to see you again! :)
(15时02分09秒) is_: _ch_: Hi, have you had a nice vacation?
(15时02分24秒) _ch_: is_: Yes, Thank you very much. ;)
(15时02分51秒) xiuzhi: _ch_:good afternoon
(15时03分18秒) _ch_: xiuzhi: Nice to 'See' you again! :D
(15时03分23秒) xiuzhi: sorry I can not attend our meeting about three months
(15时04分31秒) kr: don't worry - times change - and I think there is still enough to do
(15时05分22秒) is_: I am not quite sure, if someone prepared an agenda. The last meeting was three weeks ago.
(15时06分12秒) kr: it seems that we may need to align our goals regarding modularization again
(15时06分20秒) is_: We discussed about the possibility of a new Java Developer and the modularization of the source code.
(15时06分34秒) xiuzhi: I think liutao have one
(15时06分38秒) liutao: agada:
(15时06分38秒) liutao: 1.the status of the M project
(15时06分38秒) liutao: 2.the two ways to do this project and diffcult
(15时06分38秒) liutao: 3.what will we do in the feature
(15时07分11秒) kr: regarding 1. - it seems that the build wizard is not on vogue anymore, right?
(15时08分24秒) is_: I think, this should be the task of the new Java developer
(15时09分16秒) is_: liutao: Have you worked on the build wizard in the last months?
(15时09分43秒) liutao: _ch_:yes,it has Dynamic library problem. so the build wizard should be the task of the new java developer.what about the new JAV developer?_ch_
(15时10分04秒) liutao: is_: no , you know the library problem.
(15时11分03秒) _ch_: shall we need to do the build wizard any more? I am not sure.
(15时11分13秒) is_: liutao: yes, I know it. But I suppose you have anyhow other projects in the moment?
(15时13分05秒) kr: actually, the build wizard would be simplest way to enter the world of OOo coding - and to support modularization respectively proper configuration
(15时13分31秒) xiuzhi: build helper is still a good thing need to do,I think, although there are some challenges.
(15时13分54秒) _ch_: all: I am confused on our build helper with the information get from the "Build Enviroment" ,
(15时14分23秒) kr: _ch_: could you elaborate?
(15时14分42秒) liutao: is_:no,you know I move to another company.
(15时15分15秒) _ch_: kr: as I got
(15时15分19秒) is_: liutao: Yes, so many changes in the moment :-)
(15时16分32秒) _ch_: kr: in my mind, we wanted to divide the source, via compiling,
(15时17分35秒) _ch_: kr: and it seems the group metioned above have done something before us.
(15时17分44秒) _ch_: or am I confused?
(15时17分47秒) is_: _ch_: The build dependencies might change in the near future. Another team is working on that problem, to simplify the build dependencies.
(15时17分55秒) kr: _ch_: we want to divide respectively manage the source - though we still need to be able to configure it appropriately, ideally in easy and intuitive way
(15时18分15秒) xiuzhi: Is there any dependent between build helper and dividing the source via compiling? If no, I think we can do both of them.
(15时18分37秒) kr: _ch_: yes, the build env 2.0 team currently looks into the build dependencies ...
(15时18分52秒) kr: _ch_: ... not to forget the split-build approach from go-ooo
(15时20分08秒) liutao: I remember the last plan is to control the build and package of one module in source code.what about the process?It is _ch_'s work,do you have some idea or diffcult?or it can not be accomplish?
(15时23分41秒) is_: liutao: The build helper should be the first step in that direction.
(15时23分44秒) kr: I may have said so already, actually, we would only build what is required for a particular product, taking into account any configuration options e.g. for 3rd party stuff
(15时24分07秒) _ch_: liutao; last plan?
(15时24分56秒) kr: just let me rephrase where we start ...
(15时25分56秒) kr: all of you needed a way to build products based only on parts of OOo, e.g. writer only etc., writer without grammar checking etc.
(15时26分29秒) kr: ideally following the shopping card approach, putting in the card only what's need for the target product ...
(15时27分23秒) kr: some required things, typically the 3rd party stuff, may be provided as bundled or as pre-installed
(15时28分53秒) kr: every feature chosen pulls in all direct and indirect dependencies
(15时29分09秒) xiuzhi: agree
(15时29分47秒) kr: as it is yet only theoretically clear, where to do the cuts regarding the items to be chosen (the features), we wanted to apply a very pragmatically approach ...
(15时31分14秒) kr: by just implementing a "build wizard", offering what can be chosen already - adding additional cuts (or module boarders) as needed in an iterative fashion ...
(15时32分05秒) kr: after discussing this with Dr. Jin, it seemed, that he was more in favor of directly adding the cuts ...
(15时32分10秒) kr: did I miss anything?
(15时33分23秒) kr: just to remind you, dependencies are currently expressed statically in modules, are not dynamically extracted from source, as ought to be
(15时33分47秒) xiuzhi: Adding the cuts directly is not a good way to give help to all of the OOo users.
(15时35分49秒) kr: I agree! Though it all depends on the goals, _we_ may just add a cut where needed, or we may ease building OOo for others, hoping the more developers add more cuts over time, the first approach addressing our immediate need, while the latter does scale much better etc.
(15时36分58秒) kr: ... I think, all our discussions show us, that need to do something, but that we don't know what in detail
(15时37分32秒) _ch_: kr: yes!
(15时39分36秒) kr: ... and I have to say, that we have not come very far by now - IMHO we should avoid discussing the basics over and over again, but should just finish something, even if it may not be optimal etc.
(15时39分37秒) liutao: the detail is important.
(15时39分52秒) xiuzhi: yes, programming build wizard can help us know more and more details
(15时41分24秒) xiuzhi: so the build wizard phototype is the first thing to do.
(15时41分56秒) xiuzhi: finish it as soon as possible
(15时42分53秒) xiuzhi: liutao: Do you have any timetable of that wizard?
(15时43分04秒) xiuzhi: liutao: would you like to continue it?
(15时44分09秒) liutao: xiuzhi:yes,I think I need JAVA developer Support.
(15时45分07秒) xiuzhi: I ,maybe, find some people to help you to overcome the issues
(15时45分22秒) liutao: Great
(15时45分31秒) kr: liutao: I think I can support you partly, are you struggling with shared library issues?
(15时45分37秒) xiuzhi: and _ch_ can continue her study
(15时46分10秒) liutao: kr:yes
(15时47分00秒) kr: liutao: do you mind repeating the details, so that I can look into it?
(15时47分39秒) liutao: Kr:I will analysis what the problem detail and give you a E-mail
(15时47分53秒) kr: liutao: good!
(15时48分41秒) xiuzhi: next agenda?
(15时48分48秒) liutao: I have no
(15时48分57秒) kr: _ch_: can you continue looking into the source code structure? We later on the use this as the basis for identifying good cuts?
(15时49分28秒) xiuzhi: _ch_:yes. it is important
(15时50分29秒) _ch_: kr: yes.
(15时50分37秒) kr: good!
(15时52分24秒) liutao: so close out meeting?
(15时52分28秒) kr: did we have a time map for the build wizard? Any idea when we can have working prototype running? Is somebody of you participating at this years OOoCon and may be able to (briefly) present the wizard there?
(15时52分53秒) kr: ... that would give us some pressure :)
(15时53分16秒) liutao: good idea.
(15时53分28秒) xiuzhi: I can not attend this year's OOocon
(15时53分45秒) kr: I am going there either
(15时53分57秒) kr: wanted to say: I am _not_ going there either
(15时54分24秒) is_: So I will be there, but talking about installation issues
(15时55分02秒) is_: OOo conf is quite early. We should first take a look at the existing problems. But that urgently.
(15时55分07秒) xiuzhi: we can try to finish it and ask is_ to show it on OOoCon
(15时55分33秒) xiuzhi: liutao: what is your idea?
(15时55分34秒) kr: is_: if we get something ready in time, you may want to spend a minute on it, don't you? :)
(15时55分37秒) liutao: we will try to have a working prototype running in two weeks.and it can show in the OOoCon.just show I think:)
(15时56分29秒) is_: I will present the installer of OOo 4.0. I am not sure, if this fits into my presentation
(15时57分05秒) is_: But I will think about it.
(15时57分29秒) kr: OK, I think that's all for today - independent of being able to show anything, I suggest to keep the OOoCon in mind for getting a prototype running.
(15时58分05秒) liutao: OK
(15时58分10秒) kr: talk to you next week, bye for now
(15时58分21秒) _ch_: bye all.
(15时58分22秒) _ch_: :)
(15时58分24秒) is_: have a nice week, good bye
(15时58分28秒) liutao: byebye
(15时59分04秒) xiuzhi: have a nice week
(15时59分05秒) xiuzhi: bye
(15时59分25秒) is_ 离开了聊天室("Leaving")。
(15时59分38秒) liutao 离开了聊天室。

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