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涓?#ooom12n 鐨勮皥璇?/h1>
(14:55:04) liutao: 璇?/font>
(14:55:12) liutao: Kay 灏卞洖浜嗕袱鍙ヨ瘽
(14:55:27) liutao: Hi Liutao,
(14:55:27) liutao: thanks for the explanations.
(14:55:27) liutao: Best
(14:55:27) liutao: Kay
(15:00:42) kr [n=Kay@nat/sun/x-zdohlxhxtaazevpp] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:00:50) kr 鐜板湪鍙仛 Guest25069銆?/font>
(15:01:13) is_ [n=is@nat/sun/x-kpmixaswkcynipgi] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:01:32) Guest25069 绂诲紑浜嗚亰澶╁
(quit: Client Quit)銆?/font>
(15:01:38) is_: Good morning and good afternoon
(15:01:46) liutao: Good morning
(15:01:46) kr_ [n=Kay@nat/sun/x-qtyhelfksyadduan] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:01:51) liutao: Good morning
(15:02:00) kr_: good afternoon
(15:02:18) liutao: I send letter to Kay and told him what Dr.Jin thought.
(15:02:47) kr_: liutao: may I forward that to Ingo?
(15:03:11) liutao: of course
(15:03:52) kr_: is_: it is in your inbox
(15:04:45) is_: kr: ah, I got it
(15:05:09) kr_: liutao: Does that mean, Dr. Jin is supporting our project?
(15:05:33) _ch_: Good morning, Kay, and Ingo.
(15:06:00) kr_: _ch_: good afternoon Cynthia
(15:06:55) is_: Good morning Kay and Cynthia. Seems, as if we can proceed with this project.
(15:07:16) liutao: kr_:I send you the thought of him.He told me that he don't know if we can do this project like him thought.Maybe there are mistakes.Maybe he will discuss with us.
(15:08:46) _ch_: Step 1: Got a genaral idea about the modules, and do primary spliting the modules under source
(15:08:47) _ch_: e.g: TOOLS related: we can divided into "compiling tools"
(contains like: dmake, setup_native ), "third party tools", "tools needed only in installing" "testtool"
(15:08:47) _ch_: SCRIPTS/configure files:
(like : resource files, images, configure files.
(15:08:47) _ch_: FUNCTION related: Swriter, Simpress, SCalc, Extentions, API,etc...
(15:08:47) _ch_: Step 2: Split URE source from the whole source.
(15:08:47) _ch_: which means we can separately download it,build it, and install it, update it...
(15:08:49) _ch_: Step 3: Split Extensions form the whole source
(15:08:51) _ch_: the same as step 2.
(15:08:53) _ch_: Step 4: Split Filters.
(as we have many filters, shall we just keep the basic filter, and make the others to be extension?)
(15:09:35) kr_: liutao: what do you suggest we should do next? Do you have time to work on the project?
(15:09:36) liutao: kr_:He doesn't interested in "build_helper"but the feasibility.He is afraid we will spend lots of time but have a little process.
(15:10:17) liutao: kr_:If Dr.Jin support it . I will have time to do it and also have more developers.
(15:11:39) liutao: kr_:Dr.Jin said we should do separation first . The steps are what Cynthia said.
(15:12:15) kr_: liutao: I see ... if I remember correctly, we did understand the build_helper as an entry point for doing customization etc.
(15:12:42) liutao: kr_:yes.
(15:12:53) kr_: liutao: ... separating the modules from each other IMHO has little value, if one can not create a corresponding product.
(15:13:54) liutao: kr_:But Dr.Jin think the build helper can be done latter.but I don't think so.
(15:14:44) liutao: BUT I can not persuade him.He want to know the whole plan in detail.I can not give him.:
(15:15:19) kr_: liutao: Understood.
(15:16:49) kr_: liutao: ... what about asking him for details?
(15:18:14) liutao: kr_:yes.maybe it need discuss.
(15:18:51) kr_: liutao: Is there anything we can do to help?
(15:18:53) _ch_: kr_: Dr.Jin suggest us to do our project step bye step, as above. is it reasonable of the steps above ?
(15:21:00) is_: liutao: This is quiet a different approach. We already realized it in 3-layer office, that contains an ure layer. But we did not separate the modules.
(15:21:19) kr_: _ch_: we can do that
(there is also some overlap with the new build env. regarding the URE, see, ...
(15:21:59) kr_: _ch_: ... we still need to tackle the product creation phase
(AKA SCP etc.)
(15:22:23) kr_: _ch_: ... which we planned to do via configure and the build_helper etc.
(15:22:48) kr_: _ch_: if you think this approach is more appropriate, please go ahead
(15:28:24) kr_: _ch_: ... we do our best to support you :)
(15:28:29) _ch_: kr_: I am afraid we are not going to focus on build tools. or am I misunderstand?
(15:28:37) _ch_: kr_: thank you.
(15:28:37) _ch_: :)
(15:29:27) is_: kr: do you think there are only small overlaps with the Build Environment group? Using the DSCM they have the same idea of splitting the modules under the source.
(15:31:04) kr_: _ch_: the build_helper would have some advantages, one being a way to learn about building OOo and all its dependencies, configuring the SCP stuff and getting used to it. I understood it as way to results fast and being to continue iteratively.
(15:31:37) liutao: kr_:I just give Dr.Jin a Phone. He said if the build_helper will be the start point.He still want to discuss in detail in our side.he want to know what is not right in his thought.
(15:32:31) liutao: I wish you can give him a E-mail.your words are valuable than me .
(15:33:24) kr_: liutao: I do so. Let's see if I can convince him ... or if he can convince me :)
(15:33:44) liutao: kr_:great!
(15:34:00) kr_: liutao: at least it seems, he is interested in modularization - which is a good starting point for discussions :)
(15:34:18) liutao: kr_: yes
(15:39:07) kr_: ... do we have anything else for today?
(15:39:57) _ch_: I don't have anything else. :)
(15:40:43) is_: Nothing else from me.
(15:40:55) liutao: no from me.
(15:42:05) kr_: ok, so I suggest to talk again next week, if I can report something from the conversation with Dr. Jin, I will do so.
(15:42:18) kr_: ... bye bye :)
(15:42:31) _ch_: byebye :)
(15:42:32) is_: good bye
(15:44:23) _ch_ 绂诲紑浜嗚亰澶╁
(quit: "Leaving.")銆?/font>
(15:44:26) is_ 绂诲紑浜嗚亰澶╁
(15:47:17) kr_ 绂诲紑浜嗚亰澶╁
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