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涓?#ooom12n 鐨勮皥璇?/h1>
(14:49:43) 鐢? 绠$悊
(+ns )
(14:59:29) is_ [n=is@nat/sun/x-59b67f5bfe54955c] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(14:59:56) is_: liutao: Good morning, good afternoon :-)
(15:00:11) _ch_ [n=Cynthia@] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:00:13) liutao: is_:good afternoon
(15:00:29) _ch_: hi, all. morning! :)
(15:00:50) is_: _ch_: Good morning and afternoon :-)
(15:00:51) kr [n=Kay@nat/sun/x-42caf734501f9a94] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:01:15) liutao: kr:good afternoon,good morning
(15:01:52) is_: kr: hello Kay, back again?
(15:02:08) kr: yep, back again - and still sorting out e-mails :)
(15:02:37) _ch_: hi, kr, nice to meet you again! :)
(15:03:04) is_: so we are already complete, or will xiuzhi join today?
(15:03:38) kr: ... hope times where not too stressing for you guys
(15:03:49) liutao: is_:I think he will not attend us today.
(15:04:38) kr: ... OK, so let's start
(15:05:40) is_: the last time, 14 days ago, we discussed some technical problems of the build helper
(15:05:47) liutao: I discussed with ingo last time.
(15:05:48) liutao: yes
(15:06:12) is_: liutao: Did you have some time to look at the Hudson project?
(15:09:47) liutao: I am konw,xiuzhi has left redflag2000 and another one become my lead.I have no time to do this recently but only use my private time.I am busy doing some development and management in redflag2000.
(15:11:21) is_: Oh, I see. We heard about big reorganizations.
(15:11:55) kr: liutao: Are you still assigned to the project, do you have some of your work time left to continue work on it? Otherwise it will become hard ...
(15:12:59) kr: _ch_: Same certainly holds true for you!
(15:13:57) _ch_: sorry. :)
(15:15:23) liutao: kr:yes,I have to persuade my new lead to go on this project.I hope I can do it.If not I will only spend my private to do it.I like to do this project.
(15:17:07) is_: liutao: I am really not sure, if it is a good idea to make such a big project in your private time. You should discuss this with your manager.
(15:18:11) kr: liutao: I understand. So let's see how it works out ... I have to admit, that I am not a great fan of half alive projects, thus I suggest to cancel the project altogether the moment we see, that nobody finds the time to work on it!
(15:18:31) is_: _ch_: How about you, Cynthia? You already have the approval for this project?
(15:21:01) _ch_: is_: I am glad to do something on such project. But I am afraid we need more contributers. :)
(15:21:46) liutao: cancel the project?I don't think it is a good idea.I prepared a lecture that I hope I can persuade my lead.
(15:22:27) is_: More contributors would be fine. But it seems we have a problem to keep the current number of contributors. Do you also have a new manager?
(15:22:43) kr: liutao: ... so let's wait for now and see.
(15:23:43) liutao: kr:OK.
(15:23:47) _ch_: is_: in my point of view, if make some clear plan on how to do the next step, we COULD keep our current number.
(15:24:59) liutao: is_:I am the manager of _ch_. we all have a new director
(15:25:45) is_: I see
(15:27:29) is_: So do we need to make a better plan, to convince your manager to persuade your lead?
(15:29:24) liutao: is_:I have already write a lecture.
(15:29:37) is_: liutao: So we have to wait for your success.
(15:30:05) kr: liutao: is it in chinese? Or may we be able to read it?
(15:31:11) liutao: kr:oh,sorry,it is in chinese.
(15:32:00) kr: liutao: never mind :)
(15:32:48) liutao: kr: most content is in the wiki page and our Original wiki page .
(15:33:07) kr: liutao: OK!
(15:34:06) is_: liutao: when will you present it and when will we know a result?
(15:35:48) liutao: is_:I don't know the exact time but will be this week. I am sure.
(15:37:08) is_: liutao: That is very good. So we will perhaps know more in the next week.
(15:38:12) kr: So we have basically sorted this out. Anything else for today?
(15:38:45) is_: Not from me.
(15:39:14) liutao: not from me.
(15:39:41) _ch_: me, too. :)
(15:40:08) kr: I hope very much that your new director / manager understands the importance of modularization - and wish you luck with your presentation!
(15:40:29) liutao: kr:me too.
(15:40:47) kr: Please keep us in the loop if you have more infos.
(15:40:59) liutao: kr:OK.I will.
(15:41:05) kr: Looking forward to talking to you next week :)
(15:41:20) liutao: kr: ok
(15:41:22) kr: bye for now
(15:41:27) liutao: bye
(15:41:31) is_: Yes, good luck for you and until next week. Good bye.
(15:41:41) _ch_: goodbye, all. :)

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