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涓?#ooom12n 鐨勮皥璇?/h1>
(14:25:44) 鐢? 绠$悊
(+ns )
(14:43:45) _ch_ [n=Cynthia@] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:00:21) liutao: nobody here?
(15:00:36) is_ [n=is@nat/sun/x-554bdc5521a0dfa7] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:01:10) liutao: Morning ingo
(15:01:19) is_: Hello and good morning
(15:02:00) is_: Kay cannot join us today again
(15:02:10) liutao: Why?
(15:02:52) is_: He only sent a mail, I do not know the reason. xiuzhi also got the mail.
(15:03:06) liutao: OK
(15:03:26) liutao: OK,let's start.
(15:03:41) liutao: but I have no process about the build helper
(15:03:52) liutao: I received your mail last week.
(15:04:46) liutao: If you have a windows system you can check out the code in cvs and try to implement the *jar file.
(15:05:26) liutao: the codes and *.dll files are all in cvs.
(15:05:42) is_: unfortunately I have no Windows system this morning, but we can take a look into the code this week
(15:06:17) liutao: thank u.
(15:06:31) xiuzhi [n=xiuzhich@] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>
(15:07:01) liutao: xiuzhi:kay can not join us today.and Ingo said he send a mail to you.
(15:08:06) is_: Good morning and good afternoon, xiuzhi
(15:08:10) liutao: xiuzhi:I just discussed with Ingo about the status of build helper now. he told me he will take a look into the code this week,but he have no Windows system this morning.
(15:09:23) is_: liutao: so you are working at the JNI solution?
(15:10:41) liutao: is_:yes,just try.
(15:11:37) is_: liutao: and there is still the problem of adding the dll into the WebStart jar file?
(15:12:29) liutao: is_:yes. maybe the way is not right.but I don't think it is a big problem.
(15:13:20) is_: liutao: JNI is platform specific, but this is not a problem, because the Windows registry is also platform specific
(15:13:58) is_: liutao: but what I heard from our Java experts is, that using JNI is the most performant solution
(15:14:35) is_: liutao: There is no Java api for directly querying the Windows registry, so your way seems to be the correct solution.
(15:14:56) xiuzhi: liutao:ok
(15:15:30) liutao: is_:yes I think so.
(15:16:08) is_: so there is only this packaging problem for the library, but this should not be so difficult.
(15:17:54) liutao: is_:I agree with you.
(15:17:57) liutao: yes :-) you know I have a little experience in JAVA.I have to learn at first.
(15:18:35) is_: and creating a WebStart application also has its special tricks.
(15:18:56) liutao: is_:en...
(15:20:44) is_: So do we have more discussion items today?
(15:21:04) liutao: is_:I have no more items.
(15:21:34) liutao: _ch_:?
(15:22:02) _ch_: I dont have any at presetn
(15:22:07) _ch_: present.
(15:23:13) is_: Do you have a plan, when you will be able to present a prototype of the wizard?
(15:24:24) liutao: is_:I don't know .I think I need a co-worker or a java developer.or I have to learn. it maybe slow.
(15:26:01) is_: liutao: There is no high pressure at the time. I think, it is most important, to find the best small steps.
(15:28:01) liutao: is_:I agree with you have any idea
(15:28:02) liutao: ?
(15:28:50) is_: Well, the wizard already exists and we have a step-by-step plan of the wizard, ...
(15:30:16) is_: ... so you should start with that parts of the Wizard, that are most important and can be implemented without too much efforts.
(15:30:32) liutao: yes.but I am not good at making you have a step-by-step plan in mind? or should we discuss it?
(15:30:54) is_: "Analyzing the system" is one part, that you are obviously doing at the moment.
(15:31:13) liutao: is_:yes.I think download is also a part.
(15:31:34) liutao: compile is a part too?
(15:31:50) is_: Yes, download and build are other parts. And learning WebStart Applications is of course a prerequisite.
(15:32:08) liutao: :-)
(15:32:58) is_: If you investigate download and build first, you will have a running build wizard soon.
(15:33:19) liutao: yes.I think so.
(15:33:23) is_: that of course works only on well prepared systems :-)
(15:33:42) liutao: yes.
(15:34:52) is_: But that is your decision. Analyzing the system is also a good starting point and you already found some interesting problems.
(15:35:33) liutao: yes,I think have a running build wizard is important.
(15:36:28) is_: yes, it is always good to have something running, even if it is not perfect.
(15:36:48) liutao: OK.
(15:37:23) is_: and the GUI of the build wizard already looks very good.
(15:37:43) liutao: is_:That is _ch_ designed
(15:37:49) liutao: thanks _ch_
(15:38:03) _ch_: :)
(15:40:21) is_: liutao: so perhaps you should think for the next time, which parts of the wizard are most important, and which parts you want to make in which order.
(15:40:59) liutao: is_:OK
(15:42:33) is_: and do you have an expert for WebStart applications available. then we can solve this JNI problem. I think you already invested much time in analyzing the Windows registry.
(15:43:02) liutao: is_:I have no.
(15:44:29) is_: Okay, I will ask Kay, if he knows someone, who can help here.
(15:44:46) liutao: is_:Thank U.
(15:46:39) is_: So I think there are no more discussion items today?
(15:46:58) liutao: is_:OK,so let's close this meeting?
(15:47:31) is_: xiuzhi: ?
(15:47:41) xiuzhi: is_: agree
(15:47:57) liutao: OK.
(15:48:04) _ch_: alright.
(15:48:05) is_: _ch_: ?
(15:48:09) _ch_: :)
(15:48:21) liutao: have a nice day all....Byebye.
(15:48:28) is_: alright, then have a nice week. Good bye.
(15:48:31) _ch_: good bye, is_. Have a nice week!
(15:49:29) xiuzhi: have a nice week
(15:57:44) is_ 绂诲紑浜嗚亰澶╁
(16:04:16) _ch_ 绂诲紑浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font>

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