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涓?#ooom12n 鐨勮皥璇?/h1> (14:15:58)
鐢? 绠$悊(+ns )
_ch_ [n=Administ@] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font> (14:59:21)
is_ [n=is@nat/sun/x-1916dc2db09b279d] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font> (14:59:36)
is_: Good afternoon, all (15:00:15)
_ch_: hi, good morning! Ingo (15:00:16)
_ch_: :)
liutao: morning (15:03:15)
is_: Yes, it is really a sunny morning here: -)
Kay cannot join today, he wrote a mail. (15:04:44)
liutao: Oh (15:04:49)
xiuzhi [n=xiuzhich@] 杩涘叆浜嗚亰澶╁銆?/font> (15:04:50)
liutao: what a pity (15:05:10)
liutao: xiuzhi: Kay cannot join today, he wrote a mail. (15:06:33)
xiuzhi: liutao:ok (15:06:37)
xiuzhi: let us start (15:06:56)
liutao: 1.The process of build_helper. (15:06:56)
liutao: 2.The code and problems of build_helper. (15:06:56)
liutao: 3.About the code separating synchronous. (15:06:56)
liutao: 3.Open discussion (15:07:02)
liutao: 1.The process of build_helper. (15:07:57)
liutao: I did'nt upload the new *.jar file but uploaded the source file in modularization CVS,you can check out it. (15:09:12)
is_: liutao: did you add some functionality? (15:09:24)
liutao: The application can be implement successful directly but not in the java webstart application. (15:09:29)
liutao: The analysis part can be implement. (15:09:58)
liutao: it can just analysis in windows system. if the it is contain java. (15:10:12)
liutao: About the windows system,It need administrator right to access local .dll. Maybe it is insecurity. I don't find the suitable way. (15:11:19)
is_: liotao: for our installation we also need admin rights (15:11:25)
liutao: the java webstart application also need windows system *.dll to analysis the "register". (15:12:10)
liutao: is_:OK (15:12:59)
is_: liutao: this sounds good. can you prepare a java webstart application next week or are there bigger problems? (15:16:04)
liutao: is_:you know I dev it using windows system. the flow is like this: java webstart application start --- then it call windows *.dll (ICE_JNIRegistry.dll)
to check the "register".so that means I have to upload the ICE_JNIRegistry.dll. (15:17:54)
liutao: if I can solve this problem,I will try to implement the analysis part. (15:18:43)
liutao: I am not a java developer but C++.:)
I have to learn much things. (15:19:10)
is_: liutao: We all have to learn :-)
. Where has this library to be located in a webstart application? Inside the jar file? (15:20:26)
liutao: Seems it can be inside the jar file.just like ICE_JNIRegistry.jar (15:21:08)
is_: And that would be a good solution. Or do you have another idea? (15:21:52)
liutao: no (15:24:13)
xiuzhi: liutao: Did you discuss it with othe java developers from our company. (15:26:02)
liutao: just discuss it with duyunfen. (15:27:18)
xiuzhi: liutao:she has not any idea ,hasn't she? (15:29:42)
xiuzhi: ok,next item? (15:29:46)
liutao: no,she has no idea now. (15:29:54)
liutao: 2.The code and problems of build_helper. (15:30:01)
liutao: seems discussed (15:30:06)
liutao: 3.About the code separating synchronous. (15:31:25)
liutao: I don't know why we don not start to do the code separate synchronous? (15:32:00)
is_: liutao: we wanted a first prototype of build helper, I think (15:32:32)
liutao: OK (15:32:37)
xiuzhi: it is too difficult to start,maybe . _ch_ has done some effort on it in RO personal version. (15:33:27)
xiuzhi: _ch_: Do you has any idea ? (15:33:56)
_ch_: :)
_ch_: xiuzhi: I have not do that before, but I think we could have a try.:)
_ch_: xiuzhi: maybe I can not do it at present, how about next week? (15:37:47)
xiuzhi: _ch_:ok, if you can finish your personal version (15:38:02)
_ch_: :)
liutao: 3.Open discussion (15:40:29)
is_: liutao: only the proposal to try to check the Windows registry with Java functions. (15:42:50)
liutao: Thank you (15:45:43)
xiuzhi: any questions? (15:46:44)
is_: No, not from me. (15:48:39)
liutao: no from me. (15:50:06)
_ch_: I don't have any one .:)
liutao: OK,close the meeting (15:51:55)
is_: Ok, Good bye all, have a nice week :-)
_ch_: good bye everyone..Have a nice day! :)
liutao: good bye

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