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(16:01:19) kr
(16:01:34) kr: good morning ... :-)
(16:02:25) liutao: Morning
(16:02:26) _ch_: guten tag...
(16:02:43) kr: :-)
(16:03:57) xiuzhi: moin
(16:04:13) liutao: Agenda:
(16:04:13) liutao: 1.Discuss the proposal.
(16:04:13) liutao: 2.The work arrangement of this project.
(16:04:13) liutao: 3.The Process of re new SPC.
(16:04:29) kr: who wants to start?
(16:05:09) liutao: 1.Discuss the proposal.
(16:05:25) liutao: Just received your E mail.
(16:05:55) liutao: What about the proposal?You said it is sounds good to you?
(16:07:30) kr: Yes, the proposal sounds fine for me ... we may want to add some more examples on how a modularized OOo may look like, just to make it more easy for others to understand ...
(16:07:59) liutao: kr:OK,Thank you.
(16:08:46) kr: liutao: You are welcome :-)
(16:09:05) liutao: kr:could you help me to modify the proposal?
(16:09:39) kr: liutao: Yes, will do so
(16:09:54) liutao: :)
(16:09:58) xiuzhi: :)
(16:10:25) kr: :)
(16:11:49) liutao: 2.The work arrangement of this project.
(16:13:12) kr: If I understood correctly, Cynthia and LiuTao are going to help with the modularization, right?
(16:13:35) xiuzhi: kr: sure
(16:13:57) kr: xiuzhi: From our side, it is more or less me and may be Ingo ...
(16:15:53) kr: Ingo is the current owner of the SCP stuff ... and he is likely be the owner of the re-worked thing
(16:16:36) xiuzhi: kr: OK. and mor or less me from our side .
(16:17:17) kr: Sounds good :-)
(16:18:45) kr: A while ago I created some pages in the OOo Wiki regarding packaging ... after finishing my current work, I am going to update these and to draft what I think where we should go with SCP, this will likely take a while
(16:19:10) kr: here is the link: respectively
(16:20:50) xiuzhi: kr:great
(16:21:54) xiuzhi: kr: It seemed that we need some QA resource in the future
(16:22:47) kr: xiuzhi: I hoped that this is covered by the regular OOo QA, or do you think of some dedicated people?
(16:23:45) xiuzhi: kr: I heard that OOo QA resource is not enough .
(16:24:15) kr: xiuzhi: What do you suggest than?
(16:24:38) xiuzhi: kr: Maybe I can find some resouce from RF2000 QA team If there would be lots of CWSes need to test
(16:25:10) kr: xiuzhi: That would indeed be great ... :)
(16:27:09) liutao: If Cynthia and I am going to help with the modularization,What should we start with?
(16:27:19) kr: Regarding the modularization, I think we should see if there are low hanging fruits, e.g. such as the headless-mode, which IMHO is not needed e.g. for a netbook build ...
(16:27:54) xiuzhi: kr:+1
(16:28:08) kr: liutao: May be you could start with making "headless" configurable ?
(16:29:21) kr: liutao: This should just be some changes in VCL and SCP2, I think ...
(16:29:34) _ch_: kr: as I want to help to do something on scp2, is there anything i can start now?
(16:30:35) xiuzhi: kr: what does the headless mean?
(16:30:38) liutao: kr:What is your mean about the "headless" configurable ?
(16:30:38) kr: _ch_: If you like to start with the "headless" stuff, we need to make scp2 aware of it being configurable ...
(16:31:28) _ch_: we all don't understand what "headless" means to :(
(16:31:30) kr: xiuzhi: "headless" means, that OOo may be started without a display, such that it can be used in "server mode" ... IMHO this is no use case e.g. for netbooks
(16:32:18) kr: the "head" is the display -> "headless" means, no display :-)
(16:32:33) xiuzhi: kr: aha, I see
(16:33:45) kr: What do you think, we should start with?
(16:33:59) liutao: kr:How do we know it is finished? if that is "headless-mode"
(16:35:14) kr: liutao: There are some libraries (actually two I think), which are only needed for "headless" mode, we know that we are finished, if we can build installation sets without these libraries ...
(16:36:34) _ch_: ok, then, would you give me more hint about "headless stuff " ? or how to find them?
(16:37:33) _ch_: :)
(16:37:39) liutao: kr:I see.
(16:38:11) xiuzhi: Need we make some benchmarks to evaluate our achievements ,?
(16:38:57) kr: _ch_: There is a module called "basebmp", this module delivers a library which is only needed for VCL to build a "headless" backend, removing this build dependency from VCL gives some errors while building VCL, this errors need than to be fixed within VCL, same happens in SCP2 ...
(16:39:10) liutao: kr:OK,As Cynthia and xiuzhi said,could you give us more information include benchmarks or something else then we can start?
(16:40:17) kr: xiuzhi: Yes, I think benchmarks would be a good thing :-) What kind of benchmarks should we use, may be installation size?
(16:41:32) kr: xiuzhi: Do we want to archive the IRC logs somewhere, so that others can see what we discussed?
(16:41:40) xiuzhi: kr: Size of install tarball and OOo size . Both , I think
(16:42:11) xiuzhi: kr: Yes. we should IMHO
(16:43:07) xiuzhi: _ch_: what do you think about the benchmark?
(16:44:08) _ch_: Size of install tarball and OOo size . Both +1
(16:44:15) _ch_: :)
(16:45:24) xiuzhi: kr: the user can download it faster if the tarbll is smaller. This size is less important than the size of OOo installed
(16:46:14) xiuzhi: kr: maybe it should not be our focus
(16:46:24) kr: xiuzhi: I think install set size and installed size go hand in hand anyway ...
(16:48:16) kr: xiuzhi: There already is a somewhat aged page on modularization in the OOo wiki, we may want to re-use it and to discuss with Noel Power (the author of the page) where we are heading ...
(16:48:19) xiuzhi: kr: sure. the size installed is enough for the first step
(16:48:53) liutao: +1
(16:48:58) xiuzhi: kr: I saw them. Yes re-use is a good idea
(16:50:08) kr: OK, seems that we are starting ... :)
(16:51:37) kr: When do we want to send our incubator project proposal? I think it needs some time to allow people to comment ... and unfortunately I am currently quite busy with other stuff and I am on vacation next week ... so, what about sending it in two weeks?
(16:53:01) xiuzhi: kr: OK. to be on vacation is a nice thing.
(16:53:23) liutao: kr:vacation8-)
(16:54:29) kr: Just some left over days from last year ... I think I am going to enjoy them :)
(16:54:35) xiuzhi: kr: Liu tao and Qu can do start their work now. They can start from scp configure
(16:55:39) xiuzhi: kr: and prepare some documents related to the project
(16:55:59) kr: xiuzhi: OK. Don't hesitate to contact me, if you I think I can be of help ...
(16:56:39) xiuzhi: kr: Would you like to show them your SCP prototype . They can do some warmup
(16:58:10) kr: xiuzhi: I see if I find the time putting it somewhere ...
(17:00:30) kr: Who is going to archive the log? Should we put it into the OOo Wiki, may somewhere under "Modularization" ?
(17:01:31) liutao: kr:I will to do that
(17:01:48) kr: liutao: Thank you!
(17:02:34) kr: I suggest to meet again on IRC in two weeks, same time and same channel ... :)
(17:02:37) xiuzhi: kr: we have ftp server.
(17:02:48) liutao: kr:You are welcome.I think we should archive the log under "Modularization".could you give me the link?
(17:03:20) kr: xiuzhi: Thanks!
(17:03:35) xiuzhi: kr: but no power to delete it. only upload
(17:03:51) kr: xiuzhi: OK
(17:03:52) _ch_: kr: Do you have any suggestions on me to find out the headless stuff of scp? as I am not very clear about the modules dependency ... :)
(17:04:39) kr: liutao: May be ?
(17:04:52) xiuzhi:
(17:05:09) liutao: kr:OK,good
(17:05:27) xiuzhi: created by Martin H
(17:06:44) kr: _ch_: Just try to build OOo without "basebmp", you get some errors in "VCL" and later on in "instsetoo_native", fixing these errors and making it dependent on a "configure" switch should do the job
(17:06:58) _ch_: kr: as you show me , I can find "basebmp " in the dependency of vcl via vcl/prj/build.lst
(17:07:39) _ch_: OK. thank you . :)
(17:08:00) liutao: ok,shall we end this meeting?
(17:08:04) xiuzhi: kr: let close the meeting. I know you are very busy
(17:08:06) kr: _ch_: Exactly, "VCL" depends on "basebmp", and later on "instsetoo_native" on some VCL deliverables ...
(17:08:28) kr: OK, talk to you in two weeks ... bye :-)
(17:08:36) liutao: Bye.
(17:08:38) xiuzhi: bye
(17:08:51) _ch_: :) bye

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