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Publishing OOo Writer Documents to MediaWiki

interview with Thomas Mitzka

Creating WikiReader

Provided by Flavio "Iron Bishop" Pastore

Create and maintain WikiReaders, books created with the content of Wikipedia articles, published for download and intended to be printed, and also to be sold in printed form.

Today they are manually build, using copy&paste from the website to OOo and formatting by hand.

A new wikitext2odt filter could improve WikiReader creation. It could lead to WikiReaders with hundred pages, and an easy way to update them. In order to create a WikiReader, a OOo tool would need to:

  1. take a list of Wikipedia article from the user;
  2. import wikitext;
  3. formatting it according to a template;

A human proof reading would be required, but the filter should do the most of the work.

Another useful thing to do with a filter would be

  • to remove mediawiki templates (ie: the "stub" template) or
  • sections ("external links" would be not so useful in printed form, nor the "category"). Maybe with user customizable regular expressions.

wiki2PDF is not so good because it simply prints to pdf the "printable version" of the mediawiki page, which layout is very poor.


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