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Original document : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/SellingOOo


FAQ: Is it Legal to sell OpenOffice.org Software?

FAQ: OpenOffice.org を売ってもいいの ?

The short answer: Yes


OpenOffice.org software is licensed under LGPL free software licence. With certain restrictions, this means that people are free to sell the software on CD-ROM, via downloads, via eBay or any other way they choose, for whatever price people are willing to pay. The vendor is under no legal obligation to give any of the proceeds of sale to the OpenOffice.org Community.


The Rules


This is provided for guidance only - if you want legal advice, please consult a qualified legal professional


Legally, sellers must:


  • include a copy of the LGPL with the software
  • LGPLのコピーをこのソフトウェアに同梱すること
  • state where the source code for OpenOffice.org may be obtained. They can provide this themselves or refer to http://www.openoffice.org
  • OpenOffice.orgのソースコードがどこから入手できるかを明示すること。自身でこのことを提供するか、あるいはhttp://www.openoffice.org を参照することも可能
  • obtain our permission before using our registered trademark OpenOffice.org on a commercial site
  • 商用サイトにOpenOffice.orgの登録商標を掲載する前に、OpenOffice.orgの許可を得ること
  • obtain our permission before using our logo
  • OpenOffice.orgのロゴを使う前に許可を得ること
  • comply with any consumer rights legislation in the appropriate jurisdiction
  • 該当する区域における消費者の権利に関する法律に従うこと

Community Distributors


We encourage reputable CD-ROM sellers to register with us as Community Distributors so we can list them on our website as a service to potential buyers. These Distributors provide a valuable service to customers who cannot download directly via the internet. Other Distributors may bundle in other software or services and provide genuine 'added-value' which customers are happy to pay for.


Before ordering from a Community Distributor, please check their CDs meet your requirements and you are happy their price is reasonable. As a last resort, the OpenOffice.org Marketing Project has an on-line store on Lulu which prints CD-ROMs on demand and generates income for OpenOffice.org. However, it should nearly always be possible to buy cheaper from a local Community Distributor who will produce in bulk and have lower shipping costs.

コミュニティの代理販売者に発注する前には、そのCDが要件を満たすものであるか、価格が妥当なものであるかを確認してください。最終的には、OpenOffice.org マーケティング・プロジェクトでは発注に応じてCD-ROMを焼いて、OpenOffice.orgの収入をあげるオンライン・ショップをLuluに作ります。しかし、大量に作り、安い出荷コストの地域にあるコミュニティ代理販売者から購入するのが殆んどは安くなるはずです。

Detailed FAQs


I've just paid for OpenOffice.org and now I've discovered I could have downloaded it for free

OpenOffice.org に関して代金を支払ったのですが、今になって無料でダウンロードできることが分かりました。

You may have a claim under local consumer rights legislation but it's unlikely. Sorry, we aren't lawyers.


I've just paid for OpenOffice.org and the seller hasn't sent me anything

私は OpenOffice.org に関して本当に代金を支払ったのですが、その販売業者は何も送ってきていません。

You probably do have a claim under local consumer rights legislation. Again, we aren't lawyers.


I've just paid for XYZ Office (insert name) and it's really OpenOffice.org

私は、XYZ オフィス・ソフト(名前を入れる)の代金を払ったのですが、それはまさしく OpenOffice.org だったのです。

As long as the vendor hasn't broken any of the rules, they aren't doing anything wrong.


I've just been ripped off by one of your Community Distributors


Please send full details to mailto:cdrom@distribution.openoffice.org and we'll see what we can do to help. However, OpenOffice.org does not endorse any of the Community Distributors nor do we guarantee the contents of the CDs they sell.

詳細について、cdrom@distribution.openoffice.org にメールを送ってくだされば、私共が何らかのお手伝いができるか調査します。然しながら、OpenOffice.org は、どのようなコミュニティ販売業者も認可しているわけではありませんし、業者が販売しているCDの内容も保障してしているものでもありません。

Isn't this all very unfair?


There can be situations where people charge a reasonable price for sending a CD or offering additional support. But we don't like it when people make use of our software as a means of ripping people off. We don't like it when people make use of what the Community has produced and don't donate anything back to the Community.


So please help us - tell everyone about OpenOffice.org. Encourage them to come directly to us. Share your copy of the software with them. The more people know about OpenOffice.org, then the fewer people there are for unscrupulous sellers to target.

したがって、OpenOffice.org について全ての人に説明するようにご支援ください。ユーザが私共のサイトに直接アクセスするように勧めてください。このソフトウェアのコピーを共用するようにしてください。ユーザが OpenOffice.org について更に知っていただければ、無法な業者が標的とするユーザは少なくなっていくのです。

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