Integrations between OOo 2.0 and OOo 3.0

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Between the major releases of OOo 2.0 and OOo 3.0 a lot of feature were integrated and bugs were fixed. Here you will find the overall statistics with graphs and numbers. If you are interested in more details you can take a look at the statistics pages for each release.

The Releases between OOo 2.0 and OOo 3.0

OOo 2.0 was released in September/October 2005. First bug fix releases were needed very quickly. OOo 2.0.1 (December 2005) and OOo 2.0.2 (February 2006) were released with more than 3000 issues. The next releases are a mixture of new features and general bug fixing. From OOo 2.2 on the release cycle were changed. OOo were and will be released as feature releases (minor = 2.x) and bug fix releases (micro = 2.x.x) for the last release. It is planned to release each quarter one new version.

How many issues in how many Child Work Spaces (CWS) were integrated for the releases

Graph1.jpg Graph2.jpg

Between OOo 2.0 and OOo 3.0 more than 2600 CWS more than 14500 issues were integrated into the code line.

What issues were integrated


  • Defects = defects/bugs which occur in OOo 2.0, in the releases in between or which were introduces by developing new code
  • Feature/Enhancements = bring in new functionality, new UI, new handling in OOo (since OOo 2.2 feature releases are only 2 times a year - each minor update)
  • Patches = often code fixes, code changes by community members who do not use the build environment, the submit a patch and other developers integrate the issues in their CWS
  • Tasks = this type is a mixture of action items for the developer, bug fixes or in some cases enhancements

Fixed Defects per release


Integrated Feature and Engancements per release


Integrated Patches per release


Integrated/Fixed Tasks between per release


All numbers and graphs in a PDF

The PDF file with all numbers and graphs, which are presented on this page.

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