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(10:02:46) SunNF: Hi, I willtake the minutes today ...
(10:03:48) SunNF: Several people from sun are not available today
(10:04:07) stx12: hi, who do we expect to join the meeting today?
(10:04:08) SunNF: First AI: 1_2007-8-23: find out whether ClamAV is available for the platform our extension site server is running on
(10:04:43) SunNF: This is for Martin, who is also absent today. Any updates from others?
(10:05:08) bettina-h: No.
(10:05:25) stx12: not from me
(10:05:29) SunNF: 2_2007-8-23: solve open site layout issues according to todo list
(10:06:25) SunNF: sorry, can someone else took over? I got the message that my son is in hospital and have to contact my wife.
(10:06:42) stx12: sure
(10:07:00) stx12: let me open last weeks minutes
(10:07:46) SunNF: Take http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/mwiki/index.php?title=Extensions/website/Minutes/2007-10
(10:07:53) SunNF: stx12: thanks
(10:08:26) stx12: any news on the layout todo-list?
(10:09:25) stx12: i guess we have to review the items on the list and review the prios - I will add an AI for TBO...
(10:10:02) stx12: 3_2007-8-23: provide Action plan for Localization Framework
(10:11:41) stx12: this item seems to be a bit in the air; at least I don't see any activity from the owner Simon; let's see whether JSC is going to take this as part of his AI...
(10:11:51) stx12: 2_2007-8-30: Define Requirements for Tooltips in Extension Manager and Update Notification
(10:12:00) stx12: bettina-h: ?
(10:12:36) bettina-h: Yes, it needs to get added to the appropriate spec. I have to do that.
(10:13:34) stx12: which specification would that be? and do you have a timefrime in mind?
(10:14:48) bettina-h: It would be the online update extensions spec. The AI got on hold due to the localization question on extensions.
(10:14:53) lgodard: hi all
(10:15:00) lgodard: sorry for being late
(10:15:32) stx12: hi lgodard
(10:16:27) lgodard: about 3_2007-8-23: provide Action plan for Localization Framework : simon told me he was over. I sent a new call for help on various lists - nobody showed up - will relay on french mailing lists
(10:16:28) stx12: bettina-h: then we might want to split the reqs in two parts - with/without localization
(10:17:14) stx12: lgodard: thanks for the update; we will close the AI for simon and hope that you and jsc are successfull with the new request
(10:17:26) stx12: this leads to "3_2007-8-30: Follow up on localization of extension site"
(10:17:46) bettina-h: Yes, that might work, in my opinion it is necessary to get it to spec, that is what I can do. :)
(10:18:06) jsc [i=chatzill@nat/sun/x-c5314ab5152fde0d] est entré dans le salon
(10:18:06) mode (+o jsc ) par ChanServ
(10:18:50) jsc: hi, sorry for being late this morning
(10:18:56) stx12: lgodard just gave the update on JSC's AI?!
(10:19:03) stx12: "I sent a new call for help on various lists - nobody showed up - will relay on french mailing lists"
(10:19:16) stx12: jsc: any further news on this item?
(10:20:08) jsc: yes, i have noticed that
(10:20:10) jsc: anyway i took a colser look into drupal and talked to Thorsten already about the localization module
(10:20:57) jsc: we have this localization module already installed and i think we can address the static content very fast
(10:20:58) stx12: great; so are we going to see the "action plan" from you?
(10:21:55) jsc: probably not, i simply want to get an overview what's possible and don't want to discuss it again and again
(10:22:11) jsc: i can't do it myself becasue i have some other projects with some time pressure
(10:22:16) stx12: jsc: what do you suggest as next steps?
(10:22:50) lgodard: i had no feed back on the http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions/website/Translating
(10:22:50) lgodard: the static part is "straightforward" the more tricky part is ofr living content
(10:23:09) lgodard: if you address only the static part, you'll end with mixed_language pages
(10:23:14) stx12: jsc: nobody asks you for the implementatin - but a desciption of the next steps would be helpful.
(10:24:27) lgodard: i want to clarify something regarding AIs
(10:24:31) jsc: i think it is not so difficult. Maybe Thorsten can prepare a package containing all string that have to be localized and we can start to do simply the work
(10:24:32) jsc: Second step would be to integrate the strings and enable the language feature on the site, detaisl are open but the documentation sounds promising
(10:24:37) lgodard: what is teh different for
(10:24:50) lgodard:  3_2007-8-23: provide Action plan for Localization Framework :
(10:24:50) lgodard: and
(10:24:50) lgodard: 3_2007-8-30: Follow up on localization of extension site"
(10:25:04) stx12: lgodard: wait a minute
(10:26:08) lgodard: stx12: i wait
(10:26:39) jsc: i would say there is no real difference, we can combine them
(10:26:42) stx12: jsc: so you are giving the localization of the static strings in tbo's hands?
(10:26:49) lgodard: jsc: agree
(10:27:41) stx12: at least to describe how it is enabled and how one can provide translated strings?
(10:27:45) lgodard: stx12: depends on teh structure of the existing pages, but sounds reasonable. The tbo launches an email and call for first translation
(10:28:34) lgodard: on website mailing list we can relay (i volunteer) or oif he wants, he sends directly to l10n and native-lang
(10:28:38) lgodard: as he wants
(10:29:15) stx12: my question is more who is in charge of driving this and pulling things together; we needs work on the drupal infrastructure, we need a a flow for the translations and we need translation work.
(10:30:10) lgodard: stx12: a .property file to be translated, attached on an issue 
(10:30:29) stx12: drupal is tbo's area i understand from jsc; leaves us with 2 more items we need owners for.
(10:30:37) lgodard: the hardest is the work on drupal, with in mean that there is the step 2 to adress
(10:30:49) lgodard: within the framework : translate living content
(10:31:48) lgodard: flow translation : issue on extensions project, that the integrator in drupal is owner (maybe me in copy, translation: l10n teams, NL, and any volunteers
(10:32:17) lgodard: the NLreprenstative may be here for reviewing (if ot doing the job) http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions/website/Translating/NL_Representative
(10:32:39) stx12: lgodard: it was not my intention to define the flow now; but it seems we are short of owners for the activities.
(10:33:13) lgodard: so what do you need
(10:33:34) lgodard: stx12: someone that takes the translmatuion and enable them in drupal ?
(10:34:07) stx12: someone who understands drupal and works with tbo on the definition of the flow for translations.
(10:34:17) lgodard: for having a global look on translations done or not, i volunteer on the basis of NL reprenstatives
(10:34:54) lgodard: stx12: that is the call for volunteer wa have to push
(10:35:28) stx12: that's the next step I guess; once the site is prepared and the flow is defined you could ask for help with the translation.
(10:36:33) lgodard: if the site is prepared then the flow may be rather staright forward, no ?
(10:36:38) lgodard: jsc: ?
(10:36:54) jsc: i think we can do it probably in parallel
(10:36:55) jsc: I volunteer to talk with Thorsten about the infra structure
(10:37:18) jsc: logard: i think so at least for the static content
(10:37:24) stx12: lgodard: may be; but this is exactly what has to be clarified and what we need an owner for.
(10:37:32) stx12: jsc: thx
(10:37:32) lgodard: jsc: in parallel for starting yes. Once we have a volunbteer on drupal, then he cabn take this (i don not expect e big job)
bettina-h buchanae 
(10:38:01) lgodard: jsc: what about OSL that volunteer some months ago on drupal ? buchanae ??
(10:39:32) jsc: i would keep it simple
(10:39:34) jsc: create a package with strings, make it available, ask for translation, wait ... and integrate results later
(10:39:35) jsc: it up to the L18n teams to do the work -> let us simply start ...
(10:40:18) lgodard: jsc: egree
(10:40:21) lgodard: agree
(10:41:07) stx12: ok, we'll hear from jsc (with the help from tbo) *how* we can start.
(10:41:09) stx12: 2_2007-9-06: Talk to STS about the page which is displayed after downloading an extension.
(10:41:33) jsc: exactly, when i know more details i will create some kind of action plan or however the name should be
(10:42:11) stx12: iirc we talked about this last week; tbo was going to beautify the post-download page; this is still in progress, right?
(10:43:20) stx12: thorsten has to help us here...
(10:43:24) stx12: 1_2007-9-13: provide some statistics about the usage of "By Tag" compared to the tag cloud
(10:43:50) lgodard: stx12: regardin tag, there is a request on mailing list
(10:44:34) lgodard: stx12:  oups, sorry, it is most popular
(10:46:01) stx12: i personally think that the loooooong list in the left-hand navigation bar is not very useful. we are not able to track the usage of "by tag". but it seems not to be used bery often. i will go into more detail with thorsten...
(10:46:42) jsc: and you come back with a proposal how we can improve or change it?
(10:46:59) lgodard: stx12: lets user read the tags that are used, so that he can refine his search queries
(10:47:22) lgodard: so even if not clicked, i think it is red
(10:47:23) stx12: jsc: i tend to propose that we drop it in the current form.
(10:47:47) lgodard: sometimes (often) you fail a search just because of wrong keyword
(10:47:55) lgodard: esp. in a foreign language
(10:48:33) stx12: but more on that next week...
(10:48:49) stx12: 3_2007-9-13: prepare a discussion proposal how we can collect feedback and how we can handle the feedback
(10:49:14) stx12: have we seen any update on this?
(10:49:26) Eelko [n=kvirc@247-27.bbned.dsl.internl.net] est entré dans le salon
(10:49:33) lgodard: stx12: not for me
(10:49:40) jsc: i haven't seen or heart anything
(10:50:17) stx12: i'll change status to stalled for a week...
(10:50:32) stx12: 3_2007-9-20: Provide "get in contact" checkbox for extension submitter to receive feedback via webform from users.
(10:51:01) lgodard: i saw a mailto: link 
(10:52:12) stx12: hm, let's hear tbo next week.
(10:52:48) stx12: should we encourage users a bit more to vote and comment on extensions?
(10:53:17) lgodard: voting at least
(10:53:54) lgodard: stx12: but, i add a comment on my extension and have not been warned
(10:53:56) stx12: then a little help like "Login to vote" might be useful
(10:54:43) lgodard: stx12: so i think the workflow has to be enhance : senad an email to the owner if a comment appear on its extensions - maybe optional
(10:56:04) stx12: lgodard: implementation of "email notification for new comments" sounds like something for tbo's wishlist, right?
(10:56:18) lgodard: stx12: i don't know
(10:56:42) stx12: lgodard: isn't this in other words what you just proposed?
(10:57:04) lgodard: stx12: yes
(10:57:56) lgodard: stx12: where is tbo's whichlist ?
(10:58:48) Eelko: Hi, not quite sure, but this chan is about openoffice right?
(10:58:57) stx12: before you joined i noterd an AI for tbo to review the todo list. i guess for this kind of enhancement requests IZ is the way to go.
(10:59:32) lgodard: and where is the todolist ?
(11:00:00) stx12: hidden somewhere in earlier minutes - iirc
(11:00:06) lgodard: stx12: ok
(11:00:25) stx12: we are done with the AIs
(11:00:25) lgodard: Eelko: yes, actually the weekly meeting of extensions project
(11:00:38) lgodard: stx12: i've a question/remark on firts page
(11:00:58) ***stx12 looks around for further comments
(11:01:15) lgodard:  what determines the presented extensions ?
(11:01:19) lgodard: last modified ?
(11:01:20) stx12: lgodard: yes? i guess we need tbo for answers; but go ahead
(11:01:43) lgodard: i would suggest random to give all extensions their chance
(11:01:57) bettina-h: and make it visivle to the user.
(11:02:05) bettina-h: visible I meant
(11:03:24) stx12: lgodard: afaik last modified is used today. but switching between "last modified", "most popular", "highest voted" and "random" was an idea to make the home page more attractive.
(11:03:57) lgodard: stx12: ok, this is logged, lets discuss this with tbo whichlist
(11:04:06) lgodard: stx12: an other question
(11:04:31) stx12: yes?
(11:04:36) lgodard: i think that presentation of extension missed the Free/Non-free information (+ maybe a filter)
(11:04:56) lgodard: a pricto, the licence field on the extension summary is usefull
(11:05:44) bettina-h: and the number of downloads per extension got lost
(11:07:31) stx12: lgodard: one could use tags for this - as it has been started by kami. let's add this to the enhancement ideas.
(11:08:02) lgodard: stx12: no, i think this is a standard information that has to be displayed
(11:08:50) stx123 [i=st@nat/sun/x-b0f1e8f287ce489b] est entré dans le salon
(11:08:51) stx12 a quitté le salon (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
(11:09:10) ***stx123 said
(11:09:13) stx123: lgodard: one could use tags for this - as it has been started by kami. let's add this to the enhancement ideas.
(11:10:11) lgodard: stx123: i dont think tags ois the way
(11:10:38) lgodard: this should be a standard/automatic feature
(11:10:44) lgodard: not depending on any tagging
(11:10:45) stx123: bettina-h: the number of downloads are listed in the "most popular list" and for each "release"
(11:11:55) stx123: lgodard: fine with me to put it on the wishlist.
(11:12:09) lgodard: stx123: ok
(11:12:33) lgodard: stx123: question: in a submited extension desc. editable by the owner ?
(11:13:11) lgodard: i have a look at the Provider field
(11:13:17) stx123: lgodard: yes, the owner can edit the description.
(11:13:34) lgodard: and can't find to add mine (logo and company)
(11:14:45) lgodard: stx123: ok found
(11:14:47) lgodard: sorry
(11:14:54) stx123: then let me walk you through the flow - after the meeting
(11:14:59) stx123: ok, good
(11:15:11) stx123: any further comments?
(11:15:38) stx123: 3
(11:15:42) stx123: 2
(11:15:43) bettina-h: no
(11:15:48) stx123: 1
(11:15:54) lgodard: ok
(11:15:55) stx123: have a nice day!
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