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chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: let us start 11:10
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry ok 11:10
ericb2 The point is to present the most important warnings we have in binfilter 11:11
ericb2 identify, analyze them helps to fix them, improve the code, and fix bugs too 11:12
ericb2 The origin of fixing warnings in projet is due to Stephan Bergmann 11:13
ericb2 his initial mail : 11:13
ericb2 for the one who compiled 3 or more years ago, the amount of warnings was impressive 11:13
ericb2 and teh log size too :-) 11:13
ericb2 currently, build environment can be configured using --enable-werror 11:15
ericb2 Will turn warnings to errors. (Has no effect in modules where the treating of warnings as errors is disabled 11:15
ericb2 ) 11:15
ericb2 binfilter is one of the modules where werror are not treated 11:16
ericb2 and the game (sort of) is to fix most of them 11:16
ericb2 Rakesh Pandit, alias chacha_chaudhry here, helps me in this task 11:17
ericb2 the idea is not to spend time, but discover building process, understand how create patches, understand the code 11:18
and fix little design errors
ericb2 this s a difficult task, because of the amount of warnings: the log is more than 3MB 11:18
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry if you want to add something, please go ahead ;) 11:19
* chacha_chaudhry has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) 11:19
chacha_chaudhry_ yes sure ... 11:19
chacha_chaudhry_ There is a wiki page ---> which has some good points for solving these warnings and keeping code warning free. 11:20
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: exact 11:21
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2 has also made one more avoid warnings at 11:21
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: in fact, I think it does worth to complete the first wiki page with what I wrote 11:21
chacha_chaudhry_ we may move this to more appropriate page, ericb2 yes 11:21
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: looks like we identified most of the known warnings in binfilter 11:22
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: in a previous cws ( wae4extensions ) , we had other 11:22
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: yes I think so 11:22
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: but globally, it was the same list 11:22
ericb2 what kind of warnings can be meet ? 11:22
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Nice -- so essentially we have a complete list 11:23
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: very exhaustive list, yes 11:23
chacha_chaudhry_ let me list them down you may like to add: 11:23
chacha_chaudhry_ a) enumeration -- not handled in switch 11:24
chacha_chaudhry_ b) warning: "/*" within comment 11:24
chacha_chaudhry_ c) in constructor warnings -- mixed up order in definition and declaration 11:25
chacha_chaudhry_ d) variables not used 11:25
chacha_chaudhry_ etc ... 11:26
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: you may like to add 11:26
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: ok. I'll ask Stephan Bergmann, and we'll see 11:26
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Okay 11:26
ericb2 About the effort, chacha_chaudhry_ did a lot on the page : 11:27
ericb2 11:27
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: I don't know for you, but I think fix such warnings, helped me a lot to read and understand a bunch of code in 11:28
* ericb2 forgot to add, the binfilter is a deprecated module, in end of life state 11:29
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: me too not only understand code, but helped me to understand the whole development model followed 11:29
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: btw, I discussed with ause about the headers issue I found 11:29
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: and he was very kind to explain me better 11:30
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: okay -- nice 11:30
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: may you describe briefly 11:30
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: sure 11:30
ericb2 for the one who read a bit the code, the headers in binfilter are a dupe of the one you find in some other modules 11:31
ericb2 e.g. in binfilter, you can find : 11:31
ericb2 bw_starmath , bf_sc, bf_sd , bf_sch .. and so on 11:31
ericb2 and in inc, the corresponding public headers : 11:32
ericb2 binfilter/inc/bw_starmath , binfilter/inc/bf_sc, binfilter/inc/bf_sd , binfilter/inc/bf_sch .. and so on 11:32
chacha_chaudhry_ okay 11:33
ericb2 and if you look carefully e.g. in starmath, you'll find the same headers in starmath/sour 11:33
ericb2 and if you look carefully e.g. in starmath, you'll find the same headers in starmath/source 11:33
ericb2 means : complete duplication of headers 11:33
* chacha_chaudhry_ is now known as chacha_chaudhry 11:33
chacha_chaudhry ericb2: yes 11:33
ericb2 so I asked ause ( Hans-Joachim Lankenau ) to explain me whether deliver all headers before the build and not duplicate them 11:34
could help
ericb2 the answer is no 11:34
chacha_chaudhry reason ? 11:35
ericb2 first, duplication was indended to keep the binfilter version of the header unchange while the other one is free to move on 11:35
ericb2 second, deliver first has towo major problems: 11:35
ericb2 for one, some (quite some) of the header are generated 11:35
ericb2 and changing the build to a clean multi-pass environment it quite a bit of work (imho, less stable also) 11:35
chacha_chaudhry okay 11:36
ericb2 ause had some contact with the mozilla build which had chosen this in the past 11:36
ericb2 and it's at least part of the cause for a couple of strange effects 11:36
ericb2 .. and some are even used wrong in many places ;) 11:37
chacha_chaudhry okay 11:37
ericb2 here is ause explanation, showing us how things are complicated in the reality 11:37
* ericb2 knows some modules have a great history ;) 11:37
ericb2 in source code 11:38
ericb2 I think we can close with the next tasks to come ? 11:38
chacha_chaudhry yes 11:38
ericb2 wae4binfilter01 is imho ready for QA 11:39
ericb2 but we have no QA resp 11:39
ericb2 Action Item : find one QA rep 11:39
ericb2 wae4binfilter02 is work in progress, and I'll commit the patches you'll send to me 11:39
chacha_chaudhry ChanServ ChaoticGood 11:39
chacha_chaudhry ChanServ ChaoticGood 11:39
chacha_chaudhry okay by today late all bf_sw 11:40
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: ok, great. from my part, I'll be on holidays next week, so I'll try to continue, but no doubt the second cws will 11:40
wait until I'm back
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: and I'll prepare something about UNO 11:41
chacha_chaudhry I will take up bf_xmloff next -- I will finish all by tomorrow if you leave it to me. 11:41
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: no problem. I have a lot to do from my side, and not only for wae4binfilter0x 11:41
chacha_chaudhry ChanServ ChaoticGood 11:41
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: so you are welcome 11:41
chacha_chaudhry ericb2: I know 11:41
chacha_chaudhry ericb2: :) yes I will mail you half today and rest tomorrow late 11:42
chacha_chaudhry ericb2: all files 11:42
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: no problem 11:42
* ericb2 now invites interested people to read the wiki page mentioned above, and ask questions on the channel if ever they have 11:42
ericb2 End of meeting ? 11:43
chacha_chaudhry ericb2: yes 11:44

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