How do I make a header appear on only the first page of my document?

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How do I make a header appear on only the first page of my document?
A. For a Writer document
B. For a Writer document that I want to convert to .doc

Follow these steps (the first two are the same for both options):

  • Open a new word processing document.
  • Enter some or all of the data that you want on your cover (1st) page (or simply hit the return key a few times)
  • Choose Format>Styles and Formatting (or press F11)
  • Click on the Page Styles icon (fourth one from the left)
  • Double-click on the page style called First Page. The page style name should appear on the status bar below your document.
  • Now right click the First Page style and select Modify. Select the Header tab and tick Header on. You may close the Styles and Formatting window now, if desired. You now have two page styles in your document: First Page and Default (Default will take effect at the top of page 2, and by default the Header is off). Type the header text in the Header box at the top of the page (you don't get a separate Header/Footer box like in MS Word).

You're already done. Page 2 has the Default page style with headers disabled.

The switch from First Page to Default at the top of page 2 is not converted properly to the continuous section break used in MS Word. As a result you have to use a manual page break.

  • Put the cursor at the end of the first page.
  • Choose Insert > Manual Break
  • Select the button next to Page Break. Then select the style to use for the next page (normally that will be Default, if you don't need any other header/footer configurations).
  • Click OK.

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