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There are five easy steps for Windows 8 certification:

  1. Begin testing your app now on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview to see for yourself how Windows has been reimagined for both new and desktop apps.
  2. Get the SDK and test your app. The Windows 8 SDK includes the Windows App Certification Kit (ACK) to test your app and get it ready for certification.
    Test with the final ACK at the same link starting at Release Preview (RP).
  3. Read the Windows 8 certification requirements to learn what you need to do to get your desktop app certified at RP. Download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows Server 8 Compatibility Cookbook which has tips and fixes on common issues.
  4. Check the information on your app’s compatibility on the Compatibility Center for Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
  5. Add apps or update compatibility status for published apps at the Partner Portal.
  6. Surely you should register for a Store Account.

Currently Apache OpenOffice 3.4 does not meet the certification requirements for Windows 8 desktop apps. This document list the block issues for certification test.

About the certification requirements for Windows 8 desktop apps please refer to the link [1]

We test the package Apache_OpenOffice_incubating_3.4.0_Win_x86_install_en-US.exe by using Windows App Certification Kit on Windows 8 release preview.
You can download Windows 8 Release Preview from [2]
Windows App Certification Kit is included in Windows Software Development Kit for Windows 8 Release Preview (Windows SDK), you can download SDK from [3]

According to the test result there are five block issues which need to be fixed. Please refer to the attached file File:Windows App Certification Kit - Test for the detaild test result.

  • Issue 1. Test for "Section 3 Apps support Windows security features" is failed.Bugzilla ID 119946 link: [4]

Comments: It seems that these issues are easily to be fixed. we just need apply the SAFESEH, DYNAMICBASE, and NXCOMPAT options when link the app.

  • Issue 2. Test for "Section 4 Apps must adhere to system restart manager messages" is failed. Bugzilla ID 119947 link: [5]

Comments: WM_QUERYENDSESSION needs to be implemented,these new messages are currently ignored.

  • Issue 3. Test for "Section 5 Apps must support a clean, reversible installation" is failed. Bugzilla ID 119948 link: [6]

Comments: The installer need be improved. The font files and cache files etc.
Owner: Qiu Huai Dong
Status:Patch provided, need review

  • Issue 4. Test for "Section 6 Apps must digitally sign files and drivers" is failed.Bugzilla ID 119949 link: [7]

Comments: All the program files need to be digitally signed.
Status:In processing

  • Issue 5. Test for "Section 11 Apps must support multi-user sessions" is not tested by Windows App Certification Kit.Bugzilla ID 119950 link: [8]

Comments given by Herbert1 for "11.7 Your app must check other terminal service (TS) sessions for existing instances of the app" : We need to rearchitect our IPC to TS session management.
Owner: YuanLin
Status: Patch provided, need review

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