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Equation numbering is one of OOo Math's best hidden features. The steps are simple, but obscure:

  1. Start a new line.
  2. Type “fn" and then press F3.

The “fn" is replaced by a numbered formula:


Now you can double-click on the formula to edit it. For example, here is the Riemann Zeta function:


You can reference an equation (“as shown in Equation (2)") with these steps:

  1. Choose Insert > Cross-reference from the menu bar.
  2. On the Cross-references tab, under Type, select Text.
  3. Under Selection, select the equation number.
  4. Under Format, select Reference.
  5. Click Insert.

Done! If you later add more equations to the paper before the referenced equation, all the equations will automatically renumber and the cross-references will update.

Tip.png To insert the equation number without parenthesis around it, choose Numbering under Format instead of Reference.
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