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This page is a place to collect information on problems users encounter when:

  • Saving OOo files into MSO formats
  • Opening MSO files in OOo
  • Round-tripping files between MSO and OOo
  • Related activities

Some problems may be bugs in OOo; others are due to the different ways the two programs work by design.

Some are easily avoided if a user knows what to do or not do.

Please add below any problems you know about, and the solutions if known. Links to where to get the info will do, as long as they are specific links.

To help, you could start with looking through IssueTracker, the [users] and [discuss] lists, the Forums, and anywhere else you can think of.

Known Issues with an OOo-MSO Workflow

When using MS Word files in a workflow with MSO users, headers and footers routinely disappear after the file has been edited in OOo. Some headers and footers may be visible, but then they too disappear.

Some MS Word paragraph styles appear differently in OOo, even though their definition is correct. For example, bullet styles that are left-aligned in MS Word will be indented in OOo.

Cross references created in MS Word will be displayed as errors in OOo.

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